Monday, June 18, 2012

Diving swallows

June has been cool and happy for my horses and rides. Here my Foggy is nibbling a carrot from my hand. You can see our battle scars - my arm is still healing from the Locust tree incident, Foggy's face is always covered in cuts from the Reindeer Games he plays with his brother. 

I introduced the horses to a new pasture last week. The farmer cut the hay so Maizie and I went out and marked fox and groundhog holes with snow fence and caution tape. Below is a photo of a fox hole that looks little in this picture but is large enough for Maizie to crawl inside. (She did not crawl in!)

I walked each horse around the perimeter and then turned them out. I think they love the new space. I still have them on a timer because there is lush clover around the outside edge. Eventually, they will have free rein out there. Last night Pie was getting involved with some small animal near a snow fence. He was looking and pawing the ground and coaxing with his nose. Foggy would flip around quickly and turn his hindquarters toward the animal and do his tiny bunny bucks. I think it was a groundhog and I am sure Foggy thinks his bucks are really scary, but in reality his antics are hysterical and adorable.

Two deer ran through the pasture when I was introducing Sovey to the perimeter. The deer jumped over the fence in one side and out the other. Sovey and I just stood there watching them. They are unbelievably graceful.

This pasture is crazy big and my horses look tiny in there. They are at the left side of the above photo, but you can barely see them. This is the closest thing I have to seeing my horses "free and in the wild" and I have to say, I could watch them for hours. 


  1. The pastures look like horse heaven!

  2. LOVELY! and that picture of you and Foggy at the top, both with the wind swirling your hair/mane, is GORGEOUS!!

  3. wonderful! Be careful of alsike clover in a pasture!

  4. Thanks Sydney for the tip. I am going to check with our farmer tomorrow, but our clover has the white "v" on the leaves which tells me it is the red variety and not aslike. We also have white.

  5. I like the head shot! Gotta love those "reindeer games"--ours look the same, little nicks and scratches, but they're so happy being turned out 24/7, aren't they?
    I can barely leave the barn at night because I like to stay and just horse-watch the herd.

  6. Hey there Jules!
    Look at that filed of delights! Bet they love the green room to roll in.

    Huh..gotta look up that clover, not familar. We have that false Dandelion here that us bad for the nervous system.
    Loving you and Foggy in tip shot. Admirable!
    My Wa mare folds me into her neck like that.


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