Friday, July 13, 2012

everything of beauty that you see

Yesterday morning I decided to ride Pie in just his halter. Here he is in the barn before we headed out. I hooked two green leadlines to his halter and then tied them together. I ride Sovereign like this a lot, but I usually use the bitless bridle with Pie. Pie did not want to go out of the barn like he was telling me that I forgot to put his bridle on him.

Pie was very good for our ride. I knew he would be. He is a super sweet horse. He is very serious about trying to do his best at all the times. We stayed on the property but we rode through the woods and around the big field. I really don't feel like I am lacking control in the halter, but we only walked. I will have to try to trot next time. (Pie is getting a little plump so a few minutes of trotting might be in order anyway.) As far as side to side movement, though, Pie responds to my seat and legs so I don't need the bitless bridle for that.

Here he is getting a well-deserved carrot bite. Good boy, Pie! Next, I rode Sovey in his halter too. He was equally good, but he always is perfect to ride. I rode him to my mother's house and she was talking with her hands like she was conducting an orchestra. Sovey was following the movement with his head and making the cutest faces!

Today is Foggy's turn for a ride. He is a little bird. Of my three boys, Foggy is the easiest to ride and handle. Foggy is the type of horse that allows you to fool yourself. If I owned him first, I would have thought I was such an accomplished horsewoman without really knowing anything. He does everything you ask right away and without any problems. Riding him is like riding a bike. It takes Pie and Sovey to bring me back down to earth and remind me daily that I will always have something to learn from horses!


  1. How neat!!
    Loved*** how you described foggy boy! That is one of the coolest tings i have ever heard about a horse!

    Pie Pie is just the loveliest...looked compy in shorts. I will imagine the feeling ( probably won't try with mine) of your bare skin touching his hair. Oou sweeet!

    Did that on my pony Trixie, and my sissy's Bunny brought back that sensation!

    That view of you stable was great to see Jules~
    Happiest of summertimes!

  2. Pie looks so grand in those pictures!! It's funny how some horses can totally 'fool' you like Pie. Everyone should have a Pie to ride :)

  3. Pie looks so grand in those pictures!! It's funny how some horses can totally 'fool' you like Pie. Everyone should have a Pie to ride :)

  4. What a wonderful trusted partnership you have with all your horses!

  5. Just caught up! You have some very sweet and special horses. Good for you...having such a trusting relationship.

  6. Thanks guys, for the great comments!

    Kacy - My Pie is soft like a big waterbed. Sovey and Foggy are more like your Wa mare.

  7. All of your horses seem so sweet and safe. Love your pictures and how you describe all of them.

  8. What wonderful boys you have. Pie looks beautiful in his pictures. How fun to ride bareback. I haven't done that since I was a kid.

  9. Riding bareback and inshorts! This is so necessary these days, isn't it? Yegads it's been so hot. I have started to ride in the morning to avoid the heat. But if I could ride bareback like you, I would not have to maybe! That way, we could plunge into every pond we see! WWWoooooooOOOOooooo! I also love the green reins. They look very dapper next to that dark fur. And what pretty black feet I see! What a handsome double chocolate Pie.

  10. Juliette,
    Oh, what a sweet description of Foggy being a bird. I think he is your "gift horse-" a gift of an easy horse to make up for working hard with other horses!!
    Sovey sounds so cute following your mother's hand movements. Sometimes their antics are just so wonderful and sweet! I'm glad you share them with us.


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