Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Little one

Last evening I joined the boys in their favorite pasture. Click the photo above to see the video. This morning Foggy and I had a perfect ride. Sigh. The flies are horrific, but summer is still...well, you know, fleeting.


  1. Very sweet boys. They look happy. The flies are horrific here too. Summer is what it is - good and bad.

  2. Today, our summer is perfectly great. I will go out and see how it is for the mares soon.

    Loved the video and the way they lined up in the ending( photo on Post) Very sweet.
    Tee he he, love that wee Foggy's ears curl!

    You take care!!

  3. I hate the flies too. So cruel they are. But your trio looks very protected! Don't you love the tail swish!? Those tails have so much force. Have you ever been accidentally whipped by one? Ouch! This clip is wonderfully summery.


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