Sunday, May 12, 2013

the color of the sky

Yesterday's ride on Foggy was one of my best ever - very much like my spring rides as a teenager. Early evening into darkness with cotton candy clouds overhead and spring flowers everywhere. Sigh. 

Maizie had tennis in the morning and the afternoon was consumed with family time so I snuck over at six pm and was done tacking up the little Foggy at seven.

He is my evening boy. Pie and Sovereign have a tendency to act unhappy in the evening, questioning why I'm visiting at the wrong time. But, Foggy is a flexible little implet, happy to head out for a ride anytime. His whole personality and demeanor is one of light, silly ease. His gestures toward me and the other horses are playful and funny. We call him Flibbergiblet - evolved from Flibbertigibbet, a flighty or whimsical person. 

Foggy is the most whimsical horse I have ever seen. He doesn't mind any change in the routine. Last evening he read my thoughts, walking forward toward the north, refusing to stay on our property, taking me through the streets of neighborhoods with verve and interest. I live to ride horses who never want to go back to the barn and last night I was on one.

We investigated everywhere. He boldly marched toward music we heard playing in the distance. I couldn't tell if it was a small concert or a private party and I made sure not to get too close to find out. Foggy is the type of horse who demands to see up close and personal any kind of event like that. I laugh and lose my resolve and ultimately get us into trouble so I was careful to keep him away from any sightings of the party. But, the music floated happily toward us and I could easily forget myself in the light, the fragrance, the loveliness of it all.

We saw the baby foxes and a male and female Baltimore Oriole, a raccoon, and two deer. It was so dark when I put the boys back outside and snapped their photo (above), I had to turn up the light on Instagram to even see them. But, look at the pink clouds the light filter caught. The clouds were grey to the naked eye by that time, but the pink must have still been there. Wow. 

A Jenny Wren built a nest in Brian's helmet in our tackroom. Here is a picture of the helmet...

...and here is a shot of this little family sleeping in their helmet nest! 

The mom flies in and out a tiny mouse hole at the bottom of the tackroom wall and feeds her babies during the day. Last night I figured I could finally get a photo without disturbing anyone. Adorable!

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Good for you. I love evening rides, but our horses are like your two others. They do better in the day light.

    Great picture of the helmet nest.


  2. Flibbergiblet....Haha!! That Is Adorable Addition To My Phone's Remembered Words!

    Foggy, He's The Best Addition ...He'd Be A Good Herd Of One...And
    It Wouldn't Phase Him!

    That Evening Ride Made
    Me Sigh....Yearn And
    Smile. And That Sky, DreamY! It's A Poster, With Our Any Amendments Required! Oou La La.

    I'm At A Mothers Dinner....So I'll Have To Come Back To Say More....Looking Forward To Re Reading-IT ALL-!

    Happy Day, Sweety!
    Can't Wait To Hear About It All, In Another Delicious Post.

  3. Foggy sounds like a dream--stepping out to see the world. Our Rolex is like that, curious about her surroundings. What a lovely ride and I love the picture of the baby wrens. How cute!

  4. Who wouldn't love a horse lie Foggy! How nice that e lies to investigate things and doesn't mind his routine ring upset.

    Great helmet nest, guess it hasn't been worn all that much.

  5. This post made me smile. Love hearing about (party crasher) Foggy's inquiring mind! Twilight is magical, especially this time of year. :D

  6. What a magical post! from Foggy being so willing and investigative, to the pink sky, to that incredible birdie family in the helmet! The sleeping nestlings! That slays me-- it is all so wonderful. I love to hear about good things happening in the world.
    Can you imagine sitting at a beautiful concert under a calm sky and to look over and see a curious horse clippity clopping in to listen too? Now that sounds like a children's story just dying to be written!

  7. I can feel the magic of the spring evening ride as I read the post. What a sweet and fun horse you have.


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