Sunday, May 26, 2013

we've got a line in the sky

Am I the luckiest person in the world to own these three gorgeous, shiny, geldings and get to keep them in this lush, happy, wild field? Answer: YES!!!!!
Life has been stripped of all its non-essential elements lately. Horses and daughter and husband in the abstract Instagram bubble. So, if there is a lag in my posts and you wonder where I am...just pop over here...and you can catch up in photos. I am enjoying the simplicity of it all! 

Today's first ride was on Pie. This photo was taken before we fell into a hole...

We were off our property and investigating our neighbor's new path...when suddenly Pie's butt was level with the earth!!!! He was so good and calm and with much effort, pulled himself up and out. Poor sweet boy! I was worried but kept him walking and he did not have any swelling or lameness. The ground was soft and loamy and very unlike normal sinkholes or groundhog holes on our farm. Our leprechaun-esque neighbor, whom we were following, made me think that we had fallen into a new, middle-earth kind of place. I am not up on even cursory Mordor lingo, but there was something so woodsy and sprite and mossy about our companion and Pie's strange sinking downward. Both gave the whole weird experience a mythical feel.

After the ride Pie questions me, "Julwee, how could you let that happen?" I felt really awful but he seems perfect - thank goodness!

This one is Pie too. I rode Sovereign second, but left the camera behind. Sovey had been sprayed by a skunk sometime during the night and he really smelled strong! Pie kept curling his lip whenever he would get near Sovey! These guys are comedians.


  1. That was some hole. Glad Pie is alright and so sensible. Poor Sovey he must smell awful. Happened to my dog once and it lasted weeks.

  2. Oh my goodness that hole is scary. Haha poor stinky sovey.

  3. Tee He He Stinky Sovey, Must Have Scard't That Lil' Skunkie! Hope The FaM Let You In The House, After Your Ride.

    Man, Sink Holes To Middle Earth Scare
    Me And The Mare!
    Glad You Were
    Not Grabbed From
    With In That Thing, And Drug Down To The Middle Earth!

    Pie Had Filled Himself Out, In That
    Lushness! Looking
    Good Bare!

    Send Some Dry
    Enjoyment Over
    Here, Will Ya?!

  4. See any hobbits or orcs while you were down there? ;)

    I'm glad everyone is OK.


  5. Beautiful picture of your three handsome boys under that beautiful blue sky! Wow! Some, scary hole, that was. Glad Pie is ok and that he took care of both of you when crawling out.

  6. Yikes, that's some hole! Good for Pie being so sensible. Oooo--sprayed by a skunk? Ugh! Poor Sovey

  7. OOOh, I'm so scared of holes! Thank goodness for level headed ponies :) Great pics.

  8. Yay surviving the hole... boo skunkage.

    Beautiful instagram page + I ♡♡♡ Artifact Uprising!!! Thanks for the shares missy. :D

  9. Whaaat? That hole look very dangerous, middle earth or no!! Good grief, what a nice horse you have for not freaking out over it! Trot trot trot PLOP! Love your Pennsylvania blue sky!


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