Thursday, October 24, 2013


Magical, lovely October. It is sad to see it come to an end. We've had cool mornings and warm, sunny day rides. There is a sweet October morning hay nibbling video if you click photo below.

Temperatures turned colder today and Pie took me on a good ride in blustery, scary conditions. He is so adorable and funny as he tries his very best to be brave. Wound as tight as a top, he wants desperately to be a big, good boy, but every so often the loud wind and pelting leaves get the best of him and he has to jump this way and that. His body language is all goodness and loving, though, so I laugh and he relaxes with a rolling, snorting sigh. What are you going to do? Wind and winter is coming and there are many rides to be had.


  1. October is my favorite! Can't believe the weather turned so quick. Enjoy your sweet boys :)

  2. October is my favorite too! Thanks Allison!

  3. I'm sighing with you. In the last two weeks, I've ridden in the falling snow at 33 degrees and ridden in warm sunny upper 60s. I will miss the latter. Your boys are happy nibblers.

  4. Hey Once Upon!
    Your beautiful state sure has its variety!!! Good for you getting out on that Misty girl and enjoying it all up!


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