Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Periwinkle ponies

Amid all the worry, and all the complaining, and all the work...if I'm honest I have to admit that this winter has been simply...beautiful. 

The blues and periwinkle of today - all day - from early morning until dusk were just like nothing else I've ever seen in real life. Yesterday, as the inches of snow piled up I took this picture of our periwinkle bedroom...

...and then today, the periwinkle was outside in the sky - in all directions and made more vivid because of three adorable bay boys punctuating each view. With the stalls and sheds cleaned and buckets of ice broken and scrubbed, I finally took the time to really look around.

If you click on this one, above, you can see a funny video of Pie trying to roll in the deep snow. He was sleepy and seems ridiculously chubby and slow and lethargic. Of course, my Foggy-boy had to stand tight against me as I made the video so you can hear him breathing heavily into the microphone. 

Tomorrow, with the ice storm arriving, and Sunday with the supposed (_?) inches I will probably eat these words, but...thank you Mother Nature for this lovely winter. It has been hellish and horrible and peaceful and serene and periwinkle all at the same time.


  1. It is pretty. I'm off to shovel ice/ snow so the dogs can go out. Looks like Pie didn't put much into that roll. Keep enjoying your periwinkle days!

    1. Thanks Grey Horse Matters for not screaming at me about my love of this winter. I am certain it isn't a popular opinion. The ice is horrid - I've been trying to keep my boys upright without slipping - but still - it is sunny which is unusual for February.

  2. So glad to hear another rider say the winter has been beautiful. Thankfully, we haven't had too much ice and rain--which we could all do without--but the periwinkle days are lovely and I think the horses love winter too! Especially a nice snowy roll. I spent the entire stormy Wed. shoveling and taking care of horses--but so worth it when I can go ride on the snowy trails.
    Love the video of the guys too!

    1. Hey lmel! I'm glad you said that - I think my periwinkle post annoyed everyone. We do have the ice - and it is dangerous and totally sucks! No riding and lots of damage, but still...you have to look around sometime and find the silver lining - it isn't all bad.


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