Wednesday, September 9, 2009

beneath the blue suburban skies

Today's ride was so much fun that I just had to include a map. Pie and I basically followed the same route that we did on my virtual ride in July. Click here for that post. The only difference is that we went deeper into town today. We actually visited a friend. I used a red line to draw our route on the way out and a blue one on the way back. (Our farm is at "A".) I hope it isn't too small to see. (I think you can click on it to enlarge.) I had a blast and it seemed like Pie did too. Sovey was happily munching grass when we returned, so I don't believe he minded being left behind. I really do wish I could ride Roman!!! One new obstacle today was a splintered tree that was hanging from high over our heads and completely blocking the Forest Drive cinder path. I didn't think Pie was brave enough to sneak through the skinny opening. I knew he could physically fit, but I never thought he would allow such a stunt. He walked right up and was almost through before he knew it. Then, STOP!!!! Snort, snort, back, back, snort. I laughed and coaxed with my legs just a tiny bit. I reached forward and stroked his neck and he walked through the opening. I tried not to think about how we would ever get back!!!! We visited Cletus' house and his Dad gave Pie an apple. Then, off through the cemetery. A man was cutting the grass and we tried to avoid him because I am sure he would tell us to get out of there. I keep Pie on the roads at all times in there, but still, I am sure that no one wants a horse in there. Cemeteries and golf courses always look like the most beautiful places in the world to ride to me, but I think I am alone in that (at least to non-riders). Still, I am always careful to be respectful. When we visited my friend on Elmwood Avenue, Pie left a "present" in the street. (I was sure to drive back later and clean it up, as I always do.) Then, back through "Sunnyland" to the Forest Drive trail. Pie had zero problems with the splintered tree on the return trip. He is amazing!
Later in the afternoon, I had shavings delivered and Brian and I briefly covered them with a blue tarp until a friend was able to come and push them into the wagonshed. Pie and Sovey were in the pasture and Pie was snorting and Sovey got the hiccups. They were very annoyed at the tarp. Mom and I walked Pie slowly into the barn by the tarp. He snorted and, as usual, decided that it was much safer to walk on my feet then his own. I remarked to Mom that I am really better able to calm a horse when I am on their back than on the ground. She agreed that she is too. Of course, Mr. Sovereign came into the barn with barely a sideways glance at the tarp. His hiccups were over and he was the perfect angel we know and love.


  1. Thanks for the visual tour of your ride! That was great. Glad you had such a good time!

  2. Lovely ride and a brave horse!

  3. Did you sing your way through the splintered tree? =)
    Glad you had a great ride, the weather up there is perfect riding weather...I was fantasizing about being on my horse the whole time I was there!

  4. We ride bicycles through a cemetery near my parents', the pathways are nice and paved and it's pretty and peaceful. Besides, maybe the spirits like our company!? ;) I didn't know horses could get the hiccups?

  5. Pony Girl - Sometimes horse "hiccups" are caused by being nervous and other times they can be from an electrolyte imbalance and should be watched. Some people call the second type "thumps", especially if they are chronic. I knew what was causing these though - I saw Sovey react to the tarp and then they started. As soon as he knew what it was they stopped. He was stamping his foot too in time with the hiccup. It was very funny.

  6. Very annoyed at the tarp!!!!!!!! Oh I can see it now! I can hear the snorting!! Aren't they too much???? These two horses are such keepers! I hope you have them forever.

  7. Thanks everyone for the comments! Urban Cowboy - thanks for visiting - Pie is an amazing boy on the trails - Sovereign is too. Not sure why they are so good, but counting my blessings!

  8. I've just finished reading your last several post. I love your art work. And that school picture with that one student in the middle...the one with the particularly long really cute.

    Wonderful that you and your mom are riding buddies. I wish I had family that would ride with me. The video was a nice opportunity to see those lovely long legs that Pie and Sovereign have. Now, are these two your horses forever? Or are you retraining them with the intent to rehome them?

    Your comment about loosening the reins when encountering a "monster" hit home. That's the one thing I look back and find I did wrong when Misty and I came upon the monster in the dam. I shortened up on the reins. Next time I will be better prepared and not do that. I may try singing too. Got any suggestions for songs that are particularly soothing to both horse and rider? What comes to mind right now to me is the Hush Little Baby lullaby. I have to get a few songs ready. :-)

  9. Once Upon... Thanks for the comment about the art - not too much of that lately with all the riding this summer!!!

    Mom and I love riding together. She is a good sport for I coerce her into riding every chance I can!

    We love the boys so much...we are just now planning how we can keep them...I'll keep you posted!

    Keeping a deep seat rather than tight reins is tough to remember but sometimes the very thing!

    Many song suggestions...old rock mostly. "You're So Good For Me" by Humble Pie is my favorite calming song. I sing in over and over like a mantra. Sometimes I wonder if they get sick of it!


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