Monday, September 7, 2009

video killed the radio star

Mom and I had a fun Labor Day morning ride on the boys. Our dear friend, Ginny, graciously accepted the challenge of filming us in the pasture before we headed out. She captured some nice footage of us together and then another snippet of Mom and Sovey trotting off into the distance! Ginny loves the boys as much as we do and is a photographer, so good video is certain to emerge soon, but, until today, not one of us had ever used the video feature on my camera. I told her just push any buttons you see and have fun! I think she did super well!!! Thanks Ginny!!!


  1. Cool! I need to figure out the video features on my camera too.I'm not very thecno-minded and so it takes me a while to get it sorted out.... pretty boys you have there!

  2. these are so fun to see! i hope the next clip will be of you and your mum and the boys doing a little dressage!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hosanna - Thanks!!! I know the quality is fuzzy, but I keep watching these and laughing with joy! I think they look like 8mm movies and the boys are sooooo cute! Mom trotting off on Sovey is hysterical!

    baystatebrumby - dressage!!


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