Sunday, September 27, 2009

take things in stride

Our rides have been fun and frequent much so that I haven't had much time to document them. Mom and I have been heading out on the boys and our friend, Ginny, has been riding Sovey on some days too! We all have been having a great time. September is such a nice month here for riding. We usually ride in the mornings, but last week one day I was on my way home from teaching and I just felt like riding. I phoned Mom and she reluctantly agreed to meet me at the barn - (she is not an afternoon person). I didn't want to go home to change so I just wore my "work clothes" which I jokingly call my "costume" - clothes that really are good for nothing but looking "good" - no actual work can be done in them. As I was tacking Sovey up, he became enamored with my shoes. I had on these goofy flats that have tiny red flowers on them. Definitely NOT proper barn shoes. Sovereign kept sniffing and nibbling my shoes! I realized that he must have thought the flowers were candy or something to eat. It was very cute and funny. Pie, with his bloodhound nose, was not fooled for a second. His nose knows candy and silly flowers on shoes are not candy! We had such a great ride and all my stress from work just vanished.

Here are two more videos Ginny filmed on Labor Day. Sorry if everyone is offput by the quality! We have been having so much fun laughing at these!!! I have shorts on with my wellies and I was freezing that day so I threw on a warm-up jacket I found in my grandmother's house. It is from the 1970's and adds the perfect touch to the 8mm feel. Hilarious! At least Mom and Sovey look great - so does the Pie.


  1. What a nice area you have to ride in. Funny how Sovey took such interest in the flowers on your shoes. It's surprising what little details they notice.

  2. Thanks Once Upon...we ride in our pastures. We have a "ring" from the old days when we were more into schooling. Now the ring is grass too.
    Horses are so astute - they don't miss much!
    I hope you got to ride this weekend! No more snow?!?

  3. Sounds like so much fun! We have had great weather this month too, but no riding, with Brandy's scraped up back and my sis's boys leg injury. Oh well, soon!

  4. I haven't been able to ride so much recently..... darn. I have been having troubles with my horse's shoes and my busy farrier's schedule and so it put the brakes on riding this past week.
    Do your horses go barefoot? I tried to get my OTTTBs to go barefoot and they were always lame so I have to keep them shod. I don't know what else to do about their tender feet. Ideas?

  5. Sounds like so much fun! You should have gotten some photos of the tasty shoes! I love it that you and your mom ride together so much. That must be a great chance for some mother-daughter bonding!

  6. Paint Girl - I hope Brandy and My Boy are healed up soon. You don't want to miss all that great riding weather. I hate to think what is around the corner, weather-wise!

    Hosanna - We keep the boys barefoot. I am a big believer in barefoot horses - I have been lucky, I guess - no foot problems. I do worry about riding on the road - I keep the actual road time to a tiny minimum. I want to look into the rubber boots you can put on and off. I think baystatebrumby's Lilly uses them. We should re-read her posts about those boots. I know she has a video of she and Lilly cantering and you can hear Bill say, "Here comes Lilly - boots and all!" That cracks me up every time I watch it.

    Michelle - I am so lucky to have a mom who rides. I did an early post (I know I was in Florida when I posted it so it must have been in January before the horses arrived) about my mom and her history with Thoroughbreds. I will have to post some day about her riding experience. I sometimes wonder if anyone reading my blog thinks I am crazy to put my mom (age 65) up there on a nutty TB. The truth is, she is a better rider than I am - equitation-wise. She was invited to train with the Mexican Olympic team in the 1960's! She knows what she is doing. Now, I just have to keep her thinking that she is still 20 years old...then we can keep riding together!

  7. Wow! That's incredible - she must be an awesome rider. Back when I started riding, both my mom and my sisters started with me. We rode together for a few years, but they gradually dropped off. My mom hasn't been on a horse in probably 15 years at this point. One sister still has a few but doesn't ride much. I miss those times so much! Enjoy a ride with your mom for me!

  8. Thanks Juliette - I always like feedback about how other OTTTB owners "keep" their tbs. I would love to have my guys go barefoot all the time, but one of ours gets so lame he starts to loose weight and gets depressed.... shoes and the next day he is himself again.
    My farrier was here today and I decided to do an test with Major, and we left his shoes off. We'll see how it goes! One of my other ones has an abscess, also. I never had a problem with abscesses before getting TBs, either! I will let you know how the barefoot test goes!

  9. I am jealous of all of your riding! We had a perfect September for it, but with my getting ready for back-to-school, and then My Boy's leg scrapes, I haven't had time to ride. He's good to ride now, and here come the rains. Ah, that's life! :)


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