Thursday, October 1, 2009

a nod is as good as a wink...

Here is a muddy Sovey rump.

Here is some caked on mud on Sovey's other side.

We have had some furious rain storms all summer and I really thought they were over. I was wrong. Last week both boys greeted me many times covered in mud. One of those days it was still hot and humid and I stupidly decided to hose the mud off Pie. Pie isn't as keen about water and hosing as Sovereign so by the end I looked like I had rolled in the mud and he looked slightly less muddy. I turned him back out and he walked straight over to the wettest, muddiest mudhole and promptly rolled again. It was then I remembered that I am just a stupid human. Pie was clearly covering himself in mud to keep the gnats and flies at bay. Why did I try to interfere? I often wonder about humans and our domestication of these very able horses. I do so love to ride, though, so mud removal seems essential to do that. Pie stands nicely for grooming it all off, but Sovey doesn't like it one bit. I can hose him off because he loves water, but soon that will be out of the question because we don't have hot water. I have discovered that if I graze Sovey while slowly working to get the mud off, I have some success. Most days when we ride I wonder if our neighbors think we are lazy horse owners who won't take the time to groom properly. I hope I get the grooming of mud and grooming in general sorted soon because I think grooming is one of the most special times with a horse.

Something else that has me stumped recently is how all my blogger friends get such nice photos while they ride!?! I can't figure this out. Maizie has taken some great photos, but she is on the ground! How are you all riding and shooting pictures? I think I am fairly coordinated, but I just can't seem to get the hang of it. Yesterday Mom and I headed out and I was determined to take some good pictures of Pie and Sovey while we rode. First, I have to admit, I don't have the proper pommel or cantle bag. I don't have anything like that so I stuck my camera in my sports bra. Ouch. Next, the wind was whipping really hard, so keeping Pie's feet on the ground demanded most of my attention. At one point, the barn must have blocked the wind and I attempted to shoot. I held the camera out in front of me and behind me and what follows is all I got!

Pie's mane. I have taken this view before. In fact, I only seem to get this view. Sometimes I think that it will look like I just use the same picture over and over. Really, this is from yesterday!

Mom and Sovey and a mean sky all blurry and crooked.

I had the camera behind my back and I was just pushing the shutter. The clouds sure look ominous!

Pie's mane and ears - again! So cute!

Mom and Sovey. It looks like she is yanking his head, but I think he turned to look at something. It was sooooo windy and the boys were looking quickly in all directions. I think Mom looks so cute here! And Sovey...well, he is just the sweetest, cutest bunny rabbit ever.
I never thought Mom would ride with me yesterday. It was just the perfect blustery conditions for two cute Thoroughbreds to buck and act silly. Mom never said a word about it and as we headed out, I realized that my worries were unfounded. Pie and Sovey like riding so much that they don't look for excuses. Also, the few times Pie did buck and shy, Sovereign just stood and watched. We remarked how unusual that is - most horses do whatever the other guy is doing. Not Sovereign. He is calm and trustworthy. After we rode, we talked while we hand grazed the boys under the apple tree. Sovey closes his eyes as he munches apples and grass and I know he is happy. (Pie is happy too - he makes applesauce EVERYWHERE!)


  1. The more of my fave blogs I read, the more I am seeing that we have a country full of muddy horses!!!! I am not the only one thank goodness! I feel better 9for some reason) knowing that other kind, loving horsewomen have muddy brumbies in their pastures!

    OK, the fact that Sovey closes his eyes and muches grass is toooooo much! I am going to seriously channel this beautiful and dear image the next time I get mad enough to blow a gasket! it will surely help me calm down!

    And here's my thoughts on taking pictures on horseback: western saddle!!!

  2. Lol....I'm with BSB on the saddle thing! And maybe waiting til it's NOT blustery! ;) Kidding, I need those same tips bec my photos are worse than yours. So bad that I've given up trying! Now all my photos are from the ground. Although that makes it mighty hard to post a virtual trail ride like I've been dreaming of doing...
    I guess the lack of mud is another awesome thing about living in Fl. I'd almost forgotten this miserable time of year elsewhere. We're lucky - our "mud" falls off as soon as it dries.
    Happy Thursday, Juliette!

  3. Oh you guys are soooo funny!!! Me in a western saddle! I would like to have that horn to hold onto sometimes when Pie dances around. Maybe someday!

  4. Your two sound like such sweeties! I find the picture-taking difficult as well, even when I am on the ground. Maisie's good about stopping and standing still, and I can usually drop the reins.

  5. Oh yes, the muddy horse! I sure know what that is like! And it definitely isn't fun! Oh well.
    Looks like you had a good ride, even though it was a bit windy!
    I can only take decent pictures riding if I am stopped. If we are walking, they turn out blurry. I don't think it's you. It just isn't an easy thing to do!

  6. Kate and Paint Girl - There is my problem - stopping. Pie hasn't mastered the art of standing still yet. He halts and stands for a second or two, enough time that I know he understands what I am asking, but then his attention span runs out of length and off we go! As we get better at this, maybe my photos will improve!!!

  7. I never take my camera with me while mounted. I am a safety freak. Plus, I'd be afraid of what might happen to the poor camera, with my history of riding mishaps....... I settle for pics on the ground. I am such a non-adventurer! Shame on me!

  8. Funny b/c today I was attempting to photograph during my lunging with Laz and thought to myself.."This is HARD!" I think your photos turned out great. I love any photo with the ears of the horse in the frame! I have not attempted to take a photo from his back yet..maybe soon. :)
    Oh..and the mud, my boy is a lover of it too! Keeps our arms toned with all that grooming, right? ;)

  9. hah! You in a western saddle is NOT so funny! You might find you really like it!!! I do love the look of the english saddle though. It sure makes the horse look gorgeous.

  10. Oh, I hope the winter is dry and crisp for you, with little, if no rain! You've had your share! :) That mud is all-too-familiar though, LOL! My boy is usually caked with it when I see him!


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