Saturday, October 31, 2009

Roll up

The last few days have brought so much rain and humidity that Pie and Sovereign have had no trouble disguising themselves as muddy piglets. Only their eyes peek out and the mud layers are so thick that I "peel" it off as I groom them. Pie's mane gets completely covered in mud and then it forms "dreadlocks" of bead-like mud. Brushing doesn't work. I have to break each mud-bead separately. It is time consuming especially when he just rolls again the next minute! I rode Pie bareback on Wednesday and his "beaded" foretop was clinking against his bridle as we walked. Mom and I rode yesterday morning. It was blustery, cold, and ugly, but it was the only time to fit in a ride. We did our best with grooming and headed out. Pie was especially bouncy. Our farmer had left big equipment in the field and Pie snorted and backed up when we came to it. Sovereign quietly walked by like there was nothing there. Then, we came to another big machine. Same routine. Boy, that Sovey is unflappable. In the woods Pie ducked out from under me at a bird and Sovey kind of did the same with Mom, but mostly, they walked quietly and treated us to a pleasant ride. Today I was able to groom each boy for a long time while they grazed and I managed to get all the mud off...and...they did not roll later! Hooray! Dark bays again!
It is Halloween night, but our silly community holds "trick or treat" night on the Thursday before Halloween. Is that kooky or what? Maizie dressed as her favorite heroine, Nancy Drew. We had a fun time walking around and collecting treats. Here she is, complete with magnifying glass!


  1. It sure is miserable this time of year! I have mud caked horses too.
    Sovey sounds like he is such a good boy about monsters!
    Maizie is so cute in her Nancy Drew costume!

  2. Yeah, mud. I have rain rot on the two newest TBs, too. *sigh* I went through the whole rain rot thing with the last three...... while they were getting used to turnout in all weathers. This, too, shall pass..........

  3. A horse with that's an interesting visual! Never occured to me that you'd have such a problem with horses, but now I know thanks to your blog! Sounds like you had a bit of a chilly ride the other day...


  4. Wow, hard to believe how fast the weather turned there! Mud is NOT fun, yuck. Maizie looks adorable - where did you find that ginormous mag glass?!?

  5. Lilly has had a few beaded starnds in her forelock as well!!! i sure wish they looked prettier than they do! I always think a stranger will see her and think she's not well cared for! She really loves the mud and wet, swampy places. Bill rearranged some of the pasture fencing to keep her out of the muck because her feet were getting all soft!
    I LOVE Nancy Drew as well!!!!! Maizie looks very cute! A natural girl sleuth!

  6. Maize makes an authentic Nancy Drew. So much so that her picture in your sidebar holding Noodlebug made me think..."The Case of the Cuddly Kitty".

  7. What a great costume! I loved Nancy Drew books when I was a little girl.
    Glad you were able to get at that stubborn mud. Tis the season! Reading this post made me miss riding. I hope I get to ride my boy very soon....

  8. Thanks everyone for the comments...Michelle...I forgot to answer you regarding the magnifying glass! That was my grandmother's! It was soooo big and heavy that Maizie couldn't actually carry it all night!


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