Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's getting hard to be someone

Yesterday morning, after I turned the boys out, I started making my rounds to fill the outside pasture water troughs. I walked up the driveway and discovered all sorts of chalk art. I smiled remembering that Maizie and her friend, S., had been playing on Sunday afternoon at the barn. I followed the chalk lines, fully expecting to see hopscotch squares or some other fun 10-year-old pastime. Instead, I see words in Maizie's writing. Whatever could my sweet little girl be writing? Living is easy with eyes closed Misunderstanding all you see...SONG LYRICS!?! Wow. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree in this family. Brian and I have so much fun with lyrics and song references and I see we have passed along this habit to our silly, adorable, little Maizie. For a second I felt sad that she hadn't drawn some quaint old-fashioned game or picture, and then I realized - Hey, what am I thinking? These lyrics are 42 years old!!! They are quaint and old-fashioned!
On our Sunday afternoon ride, Pie and I had come upon Maizie and S. in the woods having a pretend picnic on a blanket. Pie thought that was a wonderful discovery, but was terribly disappointed that the picnic fare was only leaves and twigs. After our ride, though, Mom and Sovey joined me and the big boy at the apple tree for some very real apples. It was another glorious fall day for people, "songbirds", and horses!


  1. Your daughter has good taste in music!

  2. That is adorable. Kids. I just love 'em.

  3. LOL...that is what my Darling would do, too... And look, I see little hearts and squiggles near by, so there's a bit of art!

  4. Don't you love having a smart ten year old and not some vapid boring clunker? Some people get stuck with clunkers! Oh dear. I love chalk on pavement. In fact, when I see I sidewalk chalk at Target, I am always very tempted to put in in my cart!

  5. Hosanna - Maizie is adorable, but I'm not too objective!

    Tracey - I just love Darling's name- it is SO great!

    baystatebrumby - You absolutely crack me up! A vapid, boring clunker!?! You are sooooo funny! I bet you make all your friends bust out laughing all the time. And, no, Maizie is far from a clunker. We got so lucky! She is a keeper - our amazing Maizie.


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