Saturday, October 10, 2009

Twice upon a time

Above is a lovely picture of our barstool-apple-friends sharing apples with Sovey and Pie. If you click on the photo you can see what a beautiful head and face Sovereign has. This was taken on Labor Day and Mom is on Sovey and I am on Pie. Our barstool friends kindly left a photo-disc for us on the barstool this week. Also on the disc is the photo, below, of Ginny on Sovey (searching the barstool for more apples!) and me on Pie. This was taken a few Sundays ago. How kind of our friends to share their photos! There are more adorable pictures on the disc which I hope to get permission to share in future posts. I really can't wait because they are priceless!

Mom and I rode Thursday before my class. I laughed because I had planned on running - not riding and I was dressed in slippery running pants and jacket. Talk about the antithesis of half-chaps! I was sliding around in the saddle as Pie lurched this way and that! He is so carefree and playful - never really malicious so it wasn't too dangerous. We had a great ride and I was relaxed to teach. I hate to go to class without either riding or running first. Something about both activities makes me feel like I can concentrate better. After we returned and were grazing, our cousin, Glenda arrived with her precious grandchildren. Pie walked right up to their mini van and stuck his giant head in their side door. Gleeful giggles erupted inside and Pie loved all the attention. Can you imagine being strapped in a carseat and a big Pie head comes in your van? The children got out and shared carrots with Pie and Sovey. What fun!!!
Yesterday afternoon was warm and gorgeous so the very second Maizie got off the bus at 4pm we headed over to the barn and tacked up the boys. Mom walked beside Sovereign so that Maizie wasn't completely on her own up top. I rode beside on Pie. We stayed in the pastures and had a super time. Maizie is long and lean and built to ride. She looks so good on a horse with a very natural seat. I am an over-protective mom who hasn't started her with lessons yet. (Too many Bonnie Blue memories). Mom and I remind her about her hands and her heels and she laughs and loves up the Sovey Boy. I think Mom was the only one who got a workout, but it sure was great fun!


  1. Sovey is very handsome! Nice of your neighbors to provide apples and pictures!

  2. That was very nice of your neighbors to leave a picture disc for you!! So cool!
    Glad Maizie got to go for a ride too!

  3. Your guys are so beautiful. Maizie should turn out to be a great rider one day.......

  4. What great neighbors! Hope you can share more of the photos. Sovey does have an amazingly handsome face!!! Glad you had some good weather for riding, I did last weekend but didn't get a ride in. Now the rains are a comin'! :(

  5. I am having a problem leaving comments today! My first one did not stick! So allow me to repeat: I love this post with the barstoolers! Is the weather there having as wild an effect on the horses as it is here? It has been pretty CRAZY in these parts, what with feet kicking, and lungs nieghing! It is so surprising what a few little leaves in the wind can do to a herd of mischief makers!!!!!

  6. I love that your neighbors have this barstool thing going...It's so reminiscent of the old days, when people knew (and liked) their neighbors. It's so rare (at least around here) to hear of that these days. I didn't realize you got treats other than apples as well! That makes it even better. Enjoy your beautiful weather.


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