Saturday, October 24, 2009

look at how the time goes past

Yesterday was Maizie's 11th birthday and today is her party for her friends. As I type, there are loud outbursts of laughter from downstairs as she and her friends play junior pictionary. Above is a picture of the table before the friends arrived.

Here is the chocolate cake with vanilla frosting that looks like cookies-n-cream frosting because I never learned to frost a cake and I always pull cake crumbs into the frosting!

Above is Maizie, the birthday girl, at the far end of the table with her cake and her friends!

And here is the fun and furious game in progress. Too bad you can't hear how loud it is! Below is an equally exciting game of charades!

There has been little horsey time the last few days. Birthdays seem so action packed - and sugar packed these days! Maizie and I baked 60 chocolate chip cookies on Thursday night for her to take to school on Friday to share with her schoolmates and teachers. Then, last night was her family birthday dinner here. More cooking - she chose pumpkin pie for her "cake" so I baked two of those. Next, was today's party so more early morning baking of the chocolate cake. I am quite the worn out baker with two neglected horses. At least Mom and I got to ride on Thursday afternoon. It was a gorgeous fall day with yellow leaves and bursting Bittersweet in the woods. Sigh. The weather has been terrible since then anyway. Today started out with a lovely fall yellow sky and warm temperatures. Then, pouring rain, then sunny, then wind, then a rain squall, then thunder.
In spite of the strange weather, Brian had a running race this morning. He finished first in his age group! He is a very good runner, but he will be mad I wrote that because he is the most humble person on the planet. I am proud of him though! Here is a photo from a race this summer. He is running across the Susquehanna river on an iron bridge and you can barely see the dome of our state capital in the background. is our 12th wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary, honey!


  1. Happy birthday to Maizie! And congratulations to Brian too! And happy anniversary! A lot to celebrate!

  2. What a fun party you throw! I love charades. :)

  3. Happy Anniversary to you guys, and Happy Birthday to Maizie!!
    Looks like a fun birthday party!! I miss that about being young, all the fun parties, good junk food and friends!!

  4. Thanks Kate, Hosanna and Paint Girl! There were even MORE birthday/anniversary festivities on Sunday AND they involved horses. I can't wait to post about it!

  5. What beautiful celebrations to make big smiles!! Just wonderful!!! :)

  6. Because I am so nosey (I should have been a reporter), I loved this post about your family. You are right--the weather has been so dastardly, so WHY NOT focus on other fun things? I love the birthday party! Everyone looks so sweet! 11 is still a great age! My husband's daughter is turning 11 in February and she is already planning her party! The thought of all those girls in the house makes me want to faint! But you also made cakes and pies! Mother of the Year Award for you!!!!! I bet if Pie or Sovey could have poked their heads in the window for some yummy treats at the party, they would have!
    Congrats to Brian!
    and Happy Anniversary!

  7. Wow! So much going on! Happy Birthday (belated) to Maizie and Happy Anniversary (equally belated) to you and Brian. Sorry I'm late to the party. Hope you guys had a fantastic time and that you've since had a chance to ride your ponies.

  8. I love Maizie's looked like SO much fun! I love your decor and your cake, and the girls looked like they had so much fun! :) I bet you are proud of your hubby! Running is something a lot of my friends do....I prefer to "run" on horseback, LOL! Happy belated Anniversary!

  9. You set a lovely table and that cake is beautiful. Looks like a fun party. Happy Birthday to Maizie. And Happy Anniversary to you and Brian.


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