Sunday, November 22, 2009

the newsman sang his theme song

I am finally retrieving old photos off my phone. The photo above is from August and it is of Sovereign's pretty ears. He was a sweetheart yesterday for our ride. Maizie and Mom were on big ladders cleaning out gutters and Sovey never flinched. He is amazing! I walked him around the property and trotted in the field. He was perfect.

The photo above is from today of Pie and my shadow in the field. I love his wild mane. My phone is apparently filthy compared to what it was in August! Sovey's picture is so crisp and clear. These two of Pie, taken this afternoon, are murky. Pie was a good boy today, but we had a brief upset. Just as we were walking home a line of bicyclists zoomed by in bright colors. He threw a wing-ding and I somehow got a rein over his one ear! Oops. I fixed it quickly but I was slightly embarrassed (as if the bicyclists knew what happened!). We were out near the road and I was freezing at that point and I really wanted to go back to the barn, but I knew it was time for some quiet, calming circles and figure-eights. Pie usually doesn't mind about bikes, but it really had cooled off fast and maybe he was feeling bouncy! I can't complain about it "cooling off" - we had such a mild weekend for November with temps in the upper 50s. It was a perfect horse-riding weekend! And the circles were just the thing - Pie lowered his head and walked back home like the sweet boy that he is.


  1. I am so jealous of your sunny weather!! It has rained non-stop here for the whole month. We are having record amounts of rain! I guess that is what we get when we have the warmest and driest summer ever!

  2. Lovely horse ears - one of the best views! Circles do the trick, don't they? :)

  3. The picture of your shadow behind the horse ears is great! What a neat perspective for a photo. It was such a great day yesterday. Not many more left like that this fall. ;)


  4. Hi Juliette! I've missed coming by to visit! Sounds like things up north are surprisingly mild, sounds lovely actually! Glad you've had some great rides. It's been beautiful here too, and I'm actually looking forward to enjoying a trail ride myself this afternoon.

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Cheryl - I have always loved the work of photographer, Lee Friedlander, so this was my homage!


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