Saturday, March 13, 2010

thank you for being a friend

Thursday was warm and sunny and it was Sovereign's turn to go for a ride. I groomed him while he grazed in the sunshine. He stands like a statue in the forebay when I tack him up, even though Pie is heckling him in the paddock beside us. Pie, understandably, does not like being left behind and he acts like a spoiled child, squealing and stamping his feet and bucking and racing and rearing. I keep the horse that is left behind in the small paddock with hay and water because they really can't get racing too much and I hope to avoid injury. When I ride Pie, Sovey stands quietly in the paddock and only whinnies once, when we return. When I ride Sovey, Pie throws a wing-ding. I know this is a difficult thing to overcome because it is their herding nature to stick together, and when I leave Pie behind his nature is telling him that he is vulnerable as a single unit. I hate to go against nature, but short of adopting a herd (which I am not ready to do yet!) I have to juggle two horses and their natures. I do think that Sovey is uneasy for some of our ride because of Pie's antics. This is something that has only developed recently. Sovey acts like he is getting buddy sour, but I am not sure that is it entirely. I rode a barn sour/buddy sour mare two years ago. I could "make" her walk quietly by circling, but she still was focused on getting home. Sovey seems more upset by Pie's worry than his own. He has long stretches on a loose rein when he is enjoying himself. Then, he will hear Pie squeal and he hurries. He will turn to look back at the paddock and if he sees that Pie is calm, he will face away and walk like he is ready to head out again. I wonder if my worry about Pie also influences Sovey's worry. A two horse herd is not natural, but that is where we are now. I hate to do anything that causes worry in a horse's life. I hope with consistent riding days two things will happen: a.) Pie will learn that he is safe and that Sovey will return, and b.) Sovey will see that Pie isn't too worried.
Sovey is a sensitive boy. He is a real helper to me. Last night the winds and the rains came. I went over after dark to bring the boys into the barn but they were in their shed. I am gradually going to transition them to living outside 24/7, but I am not ready just yet. They look at me like I am nuts because I am trying to take them out of their warm shed to walk them through the wind and rain to put them inside a barn! That is where their hay was for the night so I felt like I had to do it. I put Pie's halter on, but he would not budge. Sovey was behind Pie so I said, "Sovey, tell him to go." Sovey reach down and bit/nudged Pie on the butt. Thank you, Sovey! Pie walked in.


  1. Love hearing of your boys! It is tough sometimes with the leaving...
    When I had Pantz, my sissy's mare too, She would call and run and paw...If I left Wa, and took Pantz away...."No problem, she's say,I'm eating!"
    It is s diff story now with the Herd I is sometimes dangerous I have to read each time and not ask for much but forward.

    I can't wait for the 24/7 out in the fields either!

    Hey...did you get my Photo's?

  2. I also Have a ditty for you....
    On my sidebar, there is an award I created called,
    "The Intrepid Riders Faction" the photo badge- and it'll take you to the post of the details...Please do accept dear!
    Sincerely appreciating all you do for the horse and your skill riding them!

  3. Thanks Kacy for taking the time to comment and tell me about your adventures ponying. And thanks for the award!

    I hope you got your poster! Let me know!

  4. I would not be very good at all if Lilly's buddies were sqealing for her as we set off! I would become so distracted! Lilly would probably be just fine, and I would be the one falling apart! Because I would feel so sorry for the one behind even though they are safe and secure and they have no real reason for squealing! And I would have no reason to worry! My heart would fall apart!I am so easily persuaded to fret! Oh my lizard brain overpowers my prefrontal cortex!
    Sometimes if several of us are heading out and this means only one horse will be left behind in the pasture, Bill will pony the remaining horse! Which I think is very nice of him. But really, he's probably just nore worried about having to repair a fence and find the horse later!

  5. baystatebrumby - I feel exactly the same, but what should I do? I think a herd of retired Thoroughbreds are in my future. (Did you read that, Mom?) Oh, no! Ha ha!

  6. Sweet Sovey!!!! He does listen! :)
    Do I see a little mini donkey in the future? To keep Pie happy when you and Sovey are off and vice versa? Just a thought? ;)

  7. Always love your posts! :) I like Kristen's mini-donkey idea....a goat works well, too! :)

  8. Kristen and Pony Girl - A very sweet lady just asked me this week if I would keep her mini donkey and mini pony in our field! I was worried that Pie might trample them. Should I have said "Yes"???

  9. We are a 2 horse household (barnhold?) too. I love that Misty and Marley get along so well, but it does make it difficult to take one out like you described. During my last driving lesson with Marley, as we drove off down the road, Misty about turned herself inside out and fell down. That is worrisome.

    But juliette, I have the perfect solution for you. You don't need a big just need one little Fjordhorse to keep company with the one TB staying behind. Tee hee...I couldn't resist.

    Actually, I've thought about a 3rd myself. But then, I only have a 2 horse trailer and what happens to the 3rd when I go somewhere with the other two? Maybe 4 horses is the answer. Ha!

  10. Once Upon - Poor Misty. This is exactly what we are dealing with here. I love your suggestion, and that is what we are thinking too. I have so much in the works because I am studying alternative pasture styles so that Fjords might actually be able to join us without worry of founder or grazing muzzles (our pastures are so lush). And...I have thought through the 3 horse problem too...if we get a Fjord and Maizie rides with us, great...but if Maizie and I ride then only one is left. So we get a fourth and then Mom, Maizie and I ride, and then one is left is 5 horses the answer? Oh my goodness...our own little herd! It is so complicated!

  11. I'm all for you adding a donkey to the crew! I'm learning that there isn't much more that's cuter in this world! ;)

    Actually a herd of horses doesn't sound like a bad idea, the more the merrier! Glad the weather is a bit better up there now, it's been gorgeous down here. Can't wait to hit the trails this weekend!


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