Thursday, November 18, 2010

and I bet on another to show

Here is Sovereign's FULL brother, Found in the Fog.

Obvious by my round moon face with a deliriously goofy smile in every photo, I was in love with this horse!

Brian and I made our way to the racetrack yesterday to meet Sovey's former owner/trainer who is Found in the Fog's owner/trainer too. I liked this man immediately. He was slight, and quiet and kind. Sovereign's real name is Suave Lord. We call him Sovey. His former owner calls him "Suavey" (Swauv-ee) which is absolutely endearing when he says it.

The entire time I was with Found in the Fog I was smiling and shaking. I couldn't help myself. I had such mixed emotions - good and worried. I felt completely overflowing with emotion. Brian was snapping all these photos and I kept thinking about one of my favorite blogging friends, dear Kacy, from allhorsestuff. She has this hysterical gadget on the side of her blog that says, "Two fatties meet" taken on the day she met her sweet Wa mare. (By the way, I don't think they look like two fatties in that photo. They look great.) Kacy's quote was running through my mind because let's just say that yesterday one fatty met one horse in need of good hay and sunshine and grass. Don't get me wrong Found in the Fog's owner is very good to him - especially by trying to find a good home for him. It is the industry.

I am not able to take Found in the Fog now.

I wrote a very difficult email last evening explaining why we can't take Found in the Fog now. We are just about to leave on an extended trip (4 weeks) and I don't think it would be fair to this horse or our own horses to rush an introduction. That just isn't how I do things. When I got Pie and Sovey in 2009 I asked that they arrive in February immediately after our return from Florida. That gave me 11 months to get them relaxed and happy in their new environment with daily groomings and attention before I left them. I would want that same amount of time to introduce a new horse. Found in the Fog's owners are interested in finding this horse a good home soon and can't afford to wait until I return and decide if I want him. I don't blame them in the least. In addition, I haven't even had the time to process whether I really want another horse. We have never sold a horse and we have had horses since 1957 so a decision to get another horse has 20 - 30 year implications.
I am very happy with the dynamics at our farm right now. I do not know much about the herd dynamics of 3 horses. If anyone has thoughts about that, please comment. I would love to know more. This Saturday a friend who sold me my sweet Penny Lane is coming to ride with me. She currently owns three horses so I will be interested to talk to her. It seems like I am still scrambling to get information about a decision I already made. I felt pressured to make a quick decision because I want Found in the Fog to end up in the best home he can get to quickly. If my ambivalence in anyway caused delay and a possible worse outcome for this horse I would not be able to handle it. I think the best thing is to step aside now and let his owner find him a good home. I will still gather information and think and pray that it all works out for this horse. If I change my mind in January maybe it will all work out for me too if it is supposed to. That is all I know to do right now.

UPDATE!!!  We brought Found in the Fog home to us in January 2011.  Click here for that story.


  1. Call me crazy, but fate seems to have put this horse in your path, for what ever reason.
    He's stunningly gorgeous! Wow.
    I admire that you've never sold a horse. That's our commitment to our horses too, so it's a pretty big deal to take them on.
    I'll be interested to hear how this all turns out :)

  2. Wow, he is beautiful! You look like a teenager gleaming love with this gorg boy! (btw it's so funny-I too wear a green vest and boots, lol)
    ....I can't help but wonder if he will somehow end up with you.............fate has a funny way of working. Either way, you making your choices are very responsible and shows what a great horse Mom you are.
    He is BEAUTIFUL! Wow

  3. what a face he has! i love black horses with grey/tan hair inside their ears. and his expression, those eyes!!

    he kind of looks like tolima (see my last photo) - did you read my post about my lease TB?

    you sure are brave, i hope "Found" finds someone who loves him.


  4. OH!
    It is always surprising- and delightful- at the same time to happen across one's own name mentioned in anothers post!(blogger just ate my comment as I went to see Penny lane, before I clicked POST)

    I was viewing the sincere and lovely GLEAMING SMILES from, what looked like, a quickly grown up Maisie discover, it was YOU all girlish and happy, holding your horses kin's face. He is a Beauty!!!
    Oh how very difficult a choice to make.If you were not going away for the time you are slated too...would you reconsider? Is THAT the only reason?

    I did also notice, that the photo of you, walking into the stable with RIGHT next to Sovereign's photo on the sidebar..and If I did not know it, I would think it he!

    To let you know also...that first photo of you and Your "Found" like wow...he looks like a yearling.
    So I deem it "Two Youthful Spirits meet"

  5. to say YOU HAVE A JOYIOUS TIME with your friend..she will have some sage advice for you, I pray it so!

  6. What a cute boy! I guess they say horses are like potato chips: you can't have just one.
    I am sure he will find a good home he seems like a lovely, sweet boy.

  7. ps- Three is a crowd. Theres always going to be 2 that are better buddies. It normally works out. Introducing them one at a time usually sorts things out. Put the more dominant out first then switch. How I have always done things. The best way is to let them live with each other over the fence for a week or so. They will get used to each others presence and when you turn them out it's usually no fuss business cause they have sniffed over the fence.

  8. He is beautiful!! That is too bad that he came along at a not so good time. Maybe he will be there when you get back from your trip.
    I have 3 horses, but only have 2 together. Someday I will probably introduce them all, but not as a permanent situation. I know a lot of people keep their 3 horses or more together and it can work out. Like Sydney says, slow introductions work best.
    Have a great vacation!! See ya when you get back.

  9. Thank you everyone for the words of encouragement. I just received a nice email from the owner who asked me to keep in touch and promised to let me know where Found in the Fog goes. Relief!

    Thanks Sydney for the turnout advice. I knew to let them introduce slowly, but I did wonder about one guy being left out all the time - like three's a crowd as you say. I would worry that someone would be lonely which would lead to needing another horse! Oh my!

    Oh Lytha, I am so sorry about Tolima. I must have seen her gorgeous head a dozen times on my Blogger reading list, but I saw "the end" and about you crying in church so I couldn't read it. I am sorry. I did read it now. It sounds to me like you did what you could with her - I love the line when you said that she is just saying "let me stay home and I'll be good". Poor sweetie and poor you for having such scary rides. I love how you say that your thing is exploring, your thing is kilometers. That is my thing too - although not nearly as far as you!!! But my thing is exploring in little bits each day. I am terribly sorry for your loss and I do think Tolima and Found in the Fog have similar heads - I too love black horses with grey and brown ears!

  10. Beautiful! How similar Found looks to his sibling! I didn't know you'd also be meeting Sovey's former owner: wow.

    We say "If it's meant to be...(etc.)" on some things... when we are doing all of our best humanely possible, and the rest is in God's hands. It sounds like you are definitely doing your best by and for Found.

    Have a wonderful trip!

  11. Juliette, I have never seen anyone look so happy as you do in this post. It looks like you and Fog are two pieces in the same puzzle. I really hope that he finfs an excellent home. but if he so ehow finds his way into your barn, I would not complain! in fact, I would be smiling and cheering across the miles. I sure undertsand how you can't take him now, and I am sure there are plenty of good laps for Fog to fall into...but don't write him off yet!!

  12. Wow, I love the photo's - the first one the best. It's complicated, isn't it. Gorgeous horse. I don't pretend to know the future, but I am a firm believer in destiny. Whatever your relationship with this horse ends up being - it already is, because - you are simply glowing and so is he. He has a wonderful owner, to care where he goes next. Hopefully a forever home. I commend you for taking the decision seriously, whichever way it sways. No regrets.

    I have three kids, and three horses (and added a filly after much deliberation, making four) additions were all slow (kids and horses) all I can say is it all works out, and I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. With that said, it's not for everybody/every situation. Only you ultimately know what's best. Follow your heart. Best of luck with your hard decision, it will be the right one.

  13. The problem with having only two horses is that if you take one for a ride you need another to stay at home and keep the one left behind company. Then if you have three horses and you and someone else go for a ride you need ANOTHER horse to keep the one at home company…it’s a never ending really…
    I’m totally kidding of course.

    I really admire owner/breeder/trainers who genuinely want the best lives for their horses once they are done racing. I’m sorry that you can’t take him home though, he is BEAUTIFUL!

  14. I'm so glad you contacted me! I'm sure you know how good it feels to know my father's horses are in such loving hands! Anytime you are in the area again, please come and see Western Groom.

  15. Wow! I can't believe it! Congrats on your new boy. He is gorgeous, so are you, and I LOVE HIS NAME!!

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