Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Little girls Double-Dutch on the concrete

Our trip to NYC was super fun (albeit horse-less). The closest we got to a horse was this photo of Maizie and Brian in Greenwich Village in front of a former boarding stable. The Village was home to many a livery yard in the 19th and early 20th centuries and this property still has the sign to prove it. Thanks Kristen of sweet horse's breath, for your tip about Claremont. I have followed the sad fate of Claremont Riding Academy, the last riding stable in Manhattan, since before it closed in 2007. There are amazing videos of indoor riding at Claremont online.

So, without horses, we found chess in Washington Square Park...

and views of the Empire State Building.

We drooled over mint green Vespas...

and were awed by the lights of Radio City Music Hall and Times Square.
It was a perfect trip in every way. Still, a much needed bareback ride on Sovey-Boy was the very thing as soon as we got back! Manhattan is a great place to visit, but without horses...well, let's just say that I understand why all the upside down smiles!


  1. Claremont closed?! OMG..I have a picture of myself standing in front of it prior to that hanging on my everyday inspirational bulletin board in my office.
    I'm so glad you enjoyed NYC...I love to visit there! My little sister and I went back this past July for sister trip part deux and it was such FUN!!! So much to do/see! What a great present for the family! I'm sure you are happy to be back with your equines too now.

  2. Oh Wow...good times for you guys!
    Neat trip!

    I have been to NYC once...and on that same trip went to Washington DC, Arlington base...now there is a stable! Those horses..oooulala!

    Yea, some smileless folks without the horses about in Central Park. THAT is too sad!
    Neat to read about that...thanks for the link!

  3. Oh the city is always fun. But then it is nice to get back home to wear the real excitement is: the barnyard! I can't beleive how tall Maizie is! Is she really that tall? My goodness, she is almost a teenager!
    I sure like that julepy vespa too! Can you imagine rocketing around on one of those in nyc? or better yet: Rome! Ah, life is good.

  4. I wonder if they still have the horse drawn carriage ride around Rockafeller Center?

    EQUUS had an informative article about the mounted police in their November 2010 issue.

    The photos are great, esp. the energy of Radio City!

  5. Great trip and nice pictures. What a great fall outing.

  6. Looks like fun. I haven't been there in ages. :)

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