Monday, November 29, 2010

Ticking away the moments

Here is my little Sovey looking like a sweet reindeer. Does your horse remind you of other animals? Sovereign has always reminded me of a deer. Sometimes he also looks like a bunny rabbit, especially in the summer, but at this time of the year, he reminds me of a sweet, silly reindeer. Last night, Maizie and I were shopping and we just kept seeing little Soveys on wrapping paper and gift cards...everywhere we looked, there was Sovey.
Here is a stamp I purchased this year. It is from Expressionery and it is called "Aspen Deer". It has our return address too, but I bought it because it really makes me smile and think of my Sovey-boy.

Sovereign looks very unhappy in both photos posing as a reindeer, but he really was happy, I think. Sovey is a horse who loves attention, although he is only learning how to reciprocate in a loving way. We joke that he is always saying, "I love you. Don't touch me! I love you. Don't touch me!" I put my winter gloves on his ears and he was happy, then mad, happy, then mad.
Back in the days when I showed, my pony, Penny Lane, would fall asleep at the "In" gate waiting for our classes. Once someone took my riding gloves and stuck them on Penny Lane's ears. Then, everyone else started doing the same thing and all the horses were looking at each other with gloves on their ears. It was the most hysterical thing I had ever seen.
My rides this holiday have been incredible. Both horses spoiled me by not worrying too much about the wind. Then, yesterday and today, the wind left! Hooray. Subdued sunshine in Raw Sienna and long shadows, and late November rides with no wind. Happy, light-hearted trotting through the fields from both horses. Pie, yesterday, and Sovereign today. Sigh. Both boys are so loving too, while we ride and after. Even Sovey today. It is as if they know I am leaving soon for our trip to Florida. I ache with sadness about leaving them. I know they enjoy the break, and have excellent care, but I still wish they could come with me.


  1. Glad you're getting in some nice rides with you sweet boys before you leave for Florida!

  2. YOU too are stealing rides away from cruel winter!
    Good on ya!

    Oh deer like Sovey man..I love that Jules, that you see him reflected on things, when you are out and about!
    What an adorable en"dear"ing memory...Penny Lane and all those others...wearing the gloves!
    Tee hehe...I may have to do a photo op...with some gloves honor of Sovey.

    When you heading away?

  3. I LOVE the gloves on Sovey. I will have to try that for some laughs for my family. Funny that I was just thinking that Dream is a moose, and Ebony a black bear.

    I understand-- I actually think it is getting harder and not easier to leave the horses. I intensely dislike leaving them and I worry more than ever, especially before the trip and the busyness of actually packing and leaving.

  4. Wa mare answered your questions on Maddy Moo mare~ at her place

  5. I LOVE the gloves on sweet Sovey...what a character. How funny "I love you. Dont touch me!" I think of Sovey all the time when I use my favorite soft jelly like curry on Laz, who used to HATE being groomed but now looooves. Sometimes they get over it, other times, they dont.
    Have fun in Florida and your boys will be just fine; eating and being happy horses!

  6. I loove the little reindeer horse pictures! that is so cute! Maybe I will try it. It might not look as convincing on a Paint! I also love Expressionary! isn't that great!? They really have neat stuff there. I am glad that you are having such great rides!
    PS Don't worry about the horses being too cold! Remember if you ever have any questions about horses in the elements, I'll bet my buddy Bill will have many answers. And opinions!
    Your blog always makes me laugh after a hard day at work.

  7. Oh my goodness! That's hilarious. I've never seen gloves on the ears before. They make perfect reindeer antlers. Very cute.

  8. lmfao, Indigo does a mean deer impression too

    The camera I use normally I do not take on rides however I do have an older sony powershot and a Kodak easy share (DO NOT GO WITH KODAK! I have nothing but bad to say about their cameras other than they are idiot proof) I would go with any sony powershot. Promise you won't be disappointed with it, quality or price.

  9. Sovey is so cute. It's funny that you say he looks like a bunny in the summer time. That's my pet name for my horse Rogo - Bunny or Bunny Rabbit. It's because he tucks his head into the crook of my elbow the way a friend's pet rabbit did :) Come to think of it, he has pretty big ears too
    I'm glad you're getting in some good rides, and jealous as hell that you're going to Florida :)

  10. Juliette, Oh, Sovey as a reindeer is so adorable! I never realized how cute a pair of gloves could look on a horse! :-) So glad that you had such great rides on both your horses. I'm sure they will miss you while you are gone, but you carry them in your heart everywhere. Have a great trip!

  11. I'm not sure if my other comment will post (I'm surprisingly new to this), but I will say it again... These pictures of Sovey are hysterical!! He makes such an adorable reindeer! I laughed out loud and scared my poor kitty who was sleeping peacefully on my lap at the time. I absolutely love Pie and Sovey, and feel so blessed to have you as a friend Julie!

  12. Julie...your picture made me chuckle! So funny to see a horse made into a reindeer. Very clever. For some reason I get the feeling that this wasn't the first year you've decorated your horse with reindeer antlers and that many of your horses before Sovey had the pleasure of participating in a possible Christmas tradition? Thanks for the smile today.....C

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