Thursday, October 28, 2010

Everyone knows it's Windy

Don't I look full of myself in this photo? I am laughing at the chubb-y-licious Pie gobbling carrots from my mother. It has been very windy lately, but Pie doesn't mind as long as the carrots find their way into the carrot hole.

Here is Sovey, in need of a tissue. He doesn't like getting his nose cleaned out. I have to sneak it everyday and he isn't too pleased, no matter how softly I do it.

Nice photo of me hanging on while Pie gobbles apples that he tossed off the barstool. (I grab mane usually in case of a sudden bolt!) Both horses have been amazingly good through the recent extreme wind. I do some figure eights and circles in the ring with Pie for a few minutes to make sure that he knows I am up there, and then we head out. Sovey doesn't require such preparation. He is quiet right out of the pasture. Today the leaves were like little missiles flying into Pie's face and mane, yet he held it together. It was nice and sunny so I didn't want to miss out on a ride, even with the wind. I am afraid that today might have been my last warm riding day. Brian just came inside and I put my hands on his face and his skin was chilly!
Saturday we are taking Maizie to New York City. Below is the "Surprise Ticket" we gave her for her birthday. We had hoped to ride horses in Central Park, but apparently the one place that still rents horses has let their permit expire. Therefore, we will be riding metal ponies, the kind with two wheels. Oh well. You know me and my crazy imagination...I will pretend that I am on the regal Pie or silly Sovey. Someday!
Here is my favorite clip (3:48) from Hair of horses in Central Park. I especially love how the (trumpets?) sound like a whinny at the very beginning. Now, if I could only teach Pie and Sovey such fancy footwork! Have a great horsey weekend!


  1. Have a wonderful time, and perhaps the wind will have died down on your return!

  2. How fun! I bet that was a great trip. been in NY but not NYC

  3. That ticket is SO AWSUM!!!! Just think how when Maizie grows up she will rememberr all this artistic and horse richness she was surrounded with at every turn!! Going to the city will be so much fun!! Will you make a blog entry about it? I will be keeping an eye peeled for it!!
    Yesterday we had the best weather that we have had in WEEKS, no months! But today:dreary with rain drizzling down on us in the ring.

  4. I love the 'ticket' for Central Park!
    Have fun.

  5. Nice picture of you & Pie. Mmmm carrots and apples, makes for happy horses.

    Love your art! Someday I'll be creative again, it could happen....after so many years commercial art is numbing. Have a wonderful time celebrating in NYC, riding whatever you dream up!

  6. Looks like a beautiful day for a ride (can't see the wind in the pics...just blue sky, sunshine, green pretty there.) What a great surprise birthday gift. Have a wonderful weekend in NYC.

  7. Oh HOW FUN!!!!!!!! I love LOVE NYC! I think this will find you too late, but take Maizie to Claremont Riding Academy (I think it's on the upper west..or east, lol side!) It's beautiful to see how city riding is, crazy too.
    ENJOY! Fall in the city is the best!

  8. I've never been to NYC or many other places either except as I drove through them on my way to Tulsa but I sure would love to see Central Park someday. Can't imagine it without horses to ride through it though. LOL

  9. Yee ha..late for the Birhtday party...but OWSA...GREAT ticket to ride!
    LOVED the video clip...that really was excellent! Showing my man when he come home! Who knew that the movie held such nice riding skills! teehehe!

    Hope your girl had so much fun...she is getting so grown up and tall! jsut like her mom and dad!


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