Saturday, October 9, 2010

When sundown pales the sky

Yesterday I rode the Sovey in the gorgeous light ochre of our woods. The colors are just beginning to turn and the Locust leaves fluttered down around us like snowflakes. I know Sovey likes riding as much as I do. He is the funniest horse. He really likes humans. He doesn't want to be hugged or touched, but he wants to be with you. Riding him is a joy. And, special bonus, I only heard Pie whinny for us 4 times, which is a huge improvement. He is learning that we leave, but we do come back. Sovey did not want to go into the woods near the Frisbee golf stand. I circled him and didn't force him and turned him a different way. We ran into a neighbor and talked to him for a long while. Sovey enjoys these visits. Then, I turned him back toward the Frisbee golf stand and squeezed him forward and he went into the woods and by the scary thing. Good boy, Sovey! Today I didn't have time to ride, but I did spend some time with the boys this morning in their pasture. I attempted to pick up manure in the pastures, but it is difficult because Pie comes up every second to be hugged and massaged. He is so loving.
I never got to measure Sovey this week with the stick I borrowed from Maizie's instructor. She has a lesson tomorrow and I have to return it so I needed to measure him this evening after dark. I really don't like to do quick, unusual things to horses when it changes their routine unnecessarily. I think it is a recipe for accidents. I had faith in Sovey, that he might enjoy some special attention, though, and not mind at all. I slipped his halter on and walked him into the barn. My mom was waiting there with some apples and snacks in a bucket. Sovey munched happily while I measured him and then walked him out and put him back with Pie. These horses are so good natured and willing! Oh, and Sovereign is 16.1. He seems so small compared to the big boy, Pie.


  1. Nice ride in the fall weather! Your boys both sound like sweeties.

  2. Wow..Pie must be HUGE!!! Laz is 16.1 or 16.2 and I wish him to shrink ;)

  3. Juliette, This is a lovely post. Sovey is such a nice horse. And you are so caring towards your horses, such as not wanting to do something different in a hurried way, so you made sure to have treats for Sovey as you measured him. You really respect their needs as horses- it is lovely to read about. And it is inspiring- thank you for your posts.

  4. 16.1 is huge in my book. I guess it's my age I like my horses closer to the ground. LOL


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