Friday, October 1, 2010

Will the wind ever remember the names it has blown in the past?

I call this picture "Sovey without a Christmas tree" because it reminds me of the Christmas show "The House Without a Christmas Tree". Do you remember that show? Jason Robards was the grumpy old father and every time they went to a commercial they would make the scene into a graphic just like Sovey looks, above. Sovey should never be without a Christmas tree because he is the best boy in the whole world. (Well, he shares that title with Pie!) I don't know why I am talking about Christmas on October 1st! Ok, back to autumn...I rode Sovey this morning all over the farm. It was extremely windy following our flood yesterday. There was zero reason for Sovereign to be good other than he is good. We even rode out to the new wooden playland/swing set at our apple barstool friends' house, and Sovey didn't bat an eyelash at the flags and swings in the wind. He munched his apples and stared at the new contraption. I love him so much! After our ride, mom and I grazed the horses under an apple tree. Sovey closed his eyes as he quietly and neatly chewed his apples. Of course, Pie chomped madly, grinding the apples into applesauce and apple cider and flung apple mush in all directions while he swatted at flies. They are so different and very funny. Talk about the odd couple - Pie definitely is Oscar Madison to Sovey's Felix Unger!


  1. Lol sweet sovey, he takes care of your mum so well.

  2. Oh, what a good horse! Especially on a windy day! Staring at the contraption, he may be trying to figure out how to make it give him apples on demand!

  3. Humm..will look the show up, I'm not familar with it.
    Sovey...YOU are the best!I really LOVE that photo...very cool. It reminds me of the ones I've been taking with my phone...neat and artsy!
    Flood stuff...humm did I miss a post? Got rain huh! You may have gotten Oregon's rain for the month of Sept. We got like 2 days...and I AM NOT COMPLAINING! Hope it calms down for you...good Intrepid riding, in the wind zone Jules!

    Thanks for the sweet reminder to me about how Gem rescued me...she really, really did! I am thankful still for all the lovely times. It is time to move on now though.
    My sissy got the invite again, to move where I am...and if she has problems there, as I did..I will remind her to get to not become bitter like I began to...but to move forward and away...with me!
    She is giving me a lesson in the ARENA on Sunday!! I am too excited!

    Love to you and yours...

  4. Yikes! Christmas! It'll be here before we know it. I don't think I've seen "The House Without a Christmas Tree." I'll have to look for it. I like your picture. Glad Sovey was a good boy. I hate to ride in the wind. You are good to not let it stop you.

  5. I rode a little today and it was windy and leaves were blowing around but my brumby was pretty good! I was glad too because my dad was visiting and how terrible would it have been if she acted up in front of him? Oh, I would have felt very bad about that! But all was well. Whew!

  6. Happy ride :) The wind can sometimes churn up yucky rides and then the good ponies remind us that sometimes, they like the wind :)


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