Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Across the evening sky all the birds are leaving

Maizie kindly captured Sunday's perfect ride on Pie. (Ignore my horrid equitation pinky in every photo - too many ballet years!)

Sunshine dappled shadows and a big, sweet horse. Does it get any better? No.

Why are these horses so good?

I am grateful beyond words that both horses allow me to ride them without much fuss. Sometimes I laugh at myself thinking that I am not asking for much. I am not asking them to compete or jump huge fences or perform intricate patterns. Actually, though, I am asking an enormous amount when you think about it. Every single day, I pluck one of them from the pasture and groom him and tack him up and ride around the perimeter, woods, and fields of our farm in all wind and weather. These photos are from Sunday on Pie, but yesterday was Sovey - bareback. I am 43 years old (and they are 5 and 6!) and I find it incredible that these two horses allow me to just hop on everyday and ride without any sort of ring work. I enjoy seeing the trees and birds and fields and light on horseback and they don't mind!!!! In fact, I think they like it too. Mom calls them our backyard ponies.

That is exactly what they are in Thoroughbred clothing!


  1. Oh, this was so sweet(thanks photographer Maisie girl!)really nice times with BIG ponies!
    It is amazing isn't it, that these fabulous equines allow all that they do, with us aboard!

    I think that the fact they had such huge lifestyles of endurance and performance/pressure...before you took them in; they appreciate the love,kindness and total acceptance of who they are now, by you. And though young, they show the trust and respect, by thier (mostly calm) demeanor. You also are good to notice changes in them. They have it made with you...we all know it, and truly-so do they!

    Such wonderful minds they have and getting to see more of the world, does seem to make them pleased...sure wish I could know what they see and understand what they think of it all!

  2. I think you said it yourself when you said "every single day"

    I have read through your entire blog and I find it very encouraging.

    Thank you.

  3. Kristen, KK girl and Allison - We all have our OTTB "ponies" - don't we? As always, thanks for the encouraging comments! Allison, I am looking forward to your new posts!

  4. I never forget it either--how lucky am I to ride such a beautiful horse in such beautiful countryside? The fact that horses carry us--a predator!--on their backs and allow us to be their partners in absolutely incredible. If I were religious, I might be tempted to call it a miracle. When I think of all the animals in the world that do suffer at human hands, I think the best thing I can do is lovingly and smartly care for the ones in my charge. It is a gift to have them at all.

  5. Juliette, Oh, what a beautiful photo of you on Sovey! (Worthy of a poster, perhaps??) I agree with your wonder about the horse, and how wonderful it is that they trust us to ride them. It does seem to be one of the best gifts of the world, doesn't it? I'm glad your horses are especially sweet. Even though our horses are not perfect, it is amazing to love them and know them.


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