Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Here Come the Nice

Today was dreary and gray. It was the kind of cold day that spritzes rain and makes you feel like climbing back into bed. I over-dressed in two sweaters so that it seemed like I was at the beach on a hot day. This helps me pretend that winter isn't really coming any time soon. I groomed Pie in the cross-ties and carefully introduced him to the stick I borrowed from Maizie's riding instructor. After a few minutes of rubbing it all over his muzzle and neck and withers, I was able to measure him. Pie is officially 16.3. His croup seems much higher, which I know isn't too good for confirmation, but, oh well, he is round and adorable all at the same time. I slipped on his bridle for a bareback ride - (I was really taking this summer day thing a bit far because Pie has been feeling pretty good with our chilly nights!) We headed out across the field to my mom's house. I figured I could bribe him with some carrots from her. I saw her television was on through her sliding glass doors on the second floor and I spied Eby's black donut tail, but no matter how loud I yelled, neither Eby or my mom could hear me. I could see that she was watching Good Morning America and it looked like she was on the phone. Pie pawed the ground demanding his carrots, but we just weren't loud enough. I found out later that my mom was on the phone talking to Brian, asking him where I was!!! I get the giggles every time I imagine big ol' Pie outside her window looking in, pawing for his carrots, and me yelling, and my mom asking Brian where I am! Our life is a circus - but it is a good one anyway!


  1. Too blame funny Jules!
    Nice poster!
    Think I know what photo I'd like to make another out of...

  2. Ha ha! I would love to peek out my window and see a lovely horse and rider :)
    Just squirrels..which is ok too.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I read your post a little further down about your pasture paradise...it looks like a GREAT set up. I laughed out loud at the boys finding the hidden treats. :) You have lovely horses, and take some great pics.

  4. Juliette, That is so funny! And of course, everyone knows that a horse's carrots are MUCH more important than TV!
    By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog! I have been reading yours for some time and want to say: I love your photography, and your writing, and your section on Sundries, and your posters, and of course, your wonderful horses!


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