Thursday, March 10, 2011

I had another look and I had a cup of tea

Here is the sweet Foggy (Found in the Fog) taken just after his win.


I have the flu. Maizie started with a head cold last Monday and happily she was over it by this Monday.  Brian and I got it on the weekend and now I have body aches eerily similar to the horrid flu we all had in 2009. This is the first time in my entire life that I made it this long without an illness. We all made it through the fall and spring and when February ended and I still hadn't caught a cold, I danced a jig. Now I am defeated.

Consequently, I have zero horse news. I have been grazing and grooming in between rain storms just to keep my sanity. We are flooding here in Pennsylvania and the rain and mud and fever and little horse time is depressing. I haven't blogged or visited any of my blogging friends posts. I promise to catch up soon.  

My only comfort has been watching old videos of Foggy and Sovey racing. Here are some cute videos of Foggy winning - his only win! I had to "film" the computer because the site doesn't allow downloads.  

Here is another of the cute boy taking his victory lap!


  1. Hope you feel better soon - that's nasty to be sick when the weather is awful.

  2. Get better soon. The rain will stop some day.

    Neat videos.


  3. That's lovely to see...he really looks like he was barely trying until right at the very end. I hope it cheers you a little and you feel better soon. The weather is awful in Scotland too, horizontal sleet in March! Not nice, but hey ho, the crocuses are up!

  4. I so hope you both get over that flu quickly!! Scott and Saul just had a small one end of Feb. The flu is awful. We had one close our house down for a month in 2007. Somebody brought their flu child, coughing, to Scott's work (!)

    Oh, I am so happy you could see those videos!!-- and what a beautiful intelligent looking boy he is in the photo! :-)

    I cannot really view videos on dial-up. I hope to find some of Dream's racing videos sometime using Scott's fast T-1 line.

    There is a horse cloning add that features a mud-splattered jockey. I always say, "Look! Dreamer's jockey!" lol

    Get well soon!:-(
    Catnip tea or tincture for fever!!

  5. Sorry to hear that you're under the weather - in more ways than one, but glad you have victory videos :) Sending healthy wishes your way!

    Is your post title from Band on the Run?!

  6. Thanks everyone for the well-wishes.

    Calm, Forward, Straight - The post title is Paul McCartney's Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey off of Ram (before Wings). I am so looking forward to using a Band on the Run lyric - if it presents itself! It is an all-time favorite!

  7. Get better so, so soon! Foggy makes racing look cute. How's he do that?

  8. ...Now I'm singing the Band on the run!! That does bring back memories..goodies too!

    OH YOU, so sorry that you have been underthe weather (and the Weather!) and Brian as well. I knew something was up...missed seeing you here and there.
    Well, my latest maybe won't make you feel good...wait a while till you feel better.
    It'll come Jules. Drink your tea!

    Foggy has the cutest stride...just rolling...imagine rolling with it on him this summer. He is adorable!!
    Glad that there is comfort with horses...from inside the house too~
    Loves and well wishes dear~

    Wa sends a stomping get well too...
    I know...she has someting cute to "SHARE" on her blog..that'll make you smile and laugh and therefore, heal you right up! Laughter is good medicine!

  9. I am so sorry you are sick!! Hope you are feeling better real quick!
    Awesome video of Foggy racing!! That is so cool, and he won by a lot!! Such a pretty boy!

  10. Rachel - I agree that Foggy makes racing look cute and we all know that it is anything but cute. He is a happy-go-lucky horse and it is so obvious in this video.

  11. That is awesome! It must be so cool for those of you with OTTBs to be able to find this kind of footage.

    Feel better soon.

  12. Hope you feel better soon! I luckally escaped being sick this idea how I managed that!
    One of the coolest things about OTTBs is that their history is out there for us to find. I LOVE watching the old racing videos of Piney. One of his trainers sent me some of his win pictures too. But looking at the videos and pictures and seeing his race statistics I still find it unbelievable that he is my horse. Seeing that little red horse running his heart out on the track back then and now he is my sleepy little monster in the paddock that patiently waits his turn to come in at night. Or seeing the pictures with a smiling jockey up aboard in the winner’s circle back then and now a days he has little kids with great big smiles on their faces riding as he carefully carries them around the arena. Gosh I love TBs!

  13. Cool videos..I've been trying to track videos/picture of Laz with no avail.
    I'm sorry you are all sick..yuck, take the time to heal so it goes out quickly. Neti pot! :)

  14. I wonder if you are feeling better? I hope so! It is a drag to be sick. At least it is not great weather outside so you don't have to feel like you are wasting one glorious day after another being sick...which is why it is much better to be sick in MARCH rather than JUNE or OCTOBER!! I have not watched your videos yet ( I am excited to watch them after writing this note), but as a person who is around quarterhorses only (and of course my own paint who is very quarterhorse-like) I feel bit terrified by OTTBs! How do you know when you are riding that the race gene won't kick in and you find yourself taking the speediest ride of your life? I would be very nervous about that. I mean, of course you know what you are doing so you probably do not feel that way!

  15. I hope you get to feeling better soon! It's so neat that you have videos of their lives before you had them. You make me want an OTTB even more now :)

  16. Juliette, I am so sorry you are sick! That is such a rough thing to go through. Hang in there, and drink lots of tea (hope it helps)! When I get to a faster computer, I'll view the videos. How amazing that you have videos of their races, and can now see them everyday at home. Get well soon!

  17. Great video finds! Foggy looks very handsome doing his victory lap.

    Sorry you are sick. Get well soon.


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