Friday, November 25, 2011

parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme

We arrived in Florida on Monday afternoon and today I went on an amazing trail ride with a group of wonderful new friends and fellow horse lovers.  This is the lovely mahogany bay neck and black mane of Max, an ottb. Max is owned by Niki, who kindly allowed me to ride her sweet boy even though she was on the ride too.

Here is some of the group heading out.  I think there were nine of us total. 

There is Niki, Max's owner, in front of me on Sunny B.

Here is Max, giving me the listening ear.  Cutie boy!

Above is our shadow on the street and sidewalk.  We are heading to an equestrian park!

This one is of the group crossing at the horse crossing.  Sigh.  My dream is to live near a horse park in a horse friendly town.  I got to live that dream this morning!

I look so silly like I am falling off of sweet Max in this one. Really I am just loving him up. He has a western bridle with a snaffle-looking bit in his mouth so no carrots are being handed out in this photo.  I did bring my bitless bridle with me and hope to ride him in that too.

This equestrian park has trails and a large arena where they hold small shows.  We came into this open area of grass and all laughed and said how lucky we were to be here with the horses on Black Friday.  It was 75 degrees and sunny for the ride. 

This one is around the lake where I rode last year when I was here. There is a zebra that lives nearby!

On Wednesday evening, as Brian and I made our way to the grocery store, Simon and Garfunkel came on the radio and Brian said, "Oh, listen, it is your Thanksgiving recipe song." On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, I was combining my Scarborough Fair stuffing ingredients (parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme) thinking how thankful I was for all the riding I had this year in Pennsylvania and anticipating today's (Friday) trail ride in Florida.  It ended up being everything I had hoped for and more! Special note: I think one horse on the ride was named Sage!  I hope your Thanksgiving break was filled with horses and yummy herbs too!  


  1. Glad you had a fun trail ride and Thanksgiving. Love the horse crossing sign!

  2. Wonderful ride! I had no idea there were horse friendly towns, with horse parks & crossings. Glad you got to live your dream :)

  3. Great pictures and I'm glad you could celebrate Thanksgiving with sunshine and 75 degrees.


  4. Wow! That looks like a great group of riding buddies you have in Florida. And a very nice area in which to ride. And spending Black Friday on horseback is much better than fighting the crowds in the stores. (Probably safer too, based on the news reports from around the country.)

    I too would love to live near an equestrian park in a horse friendly town. But I'd settle for my own "equestrian neighborhood" becoming more equestrian friendly.

    I can easily imagine horses named Sage and Rosemary, and a couple ponies named Parsley and Thyme.

  5. How cool, an equestrian trail! Looks like a fantastic ride!

  6. Juliette, Sounds like you had a wonderful ride, on a great horse, at a wonderful place! An equestrian community - geared to horses - sounds like heaven. I think that herb names would be good for horses also. So cute!

  7. How awesome!! I love a park nearby too, we FINALLY have that as well. Hoping come spring to hit it up! Max's ears are so sweet. Another good boy OTTB :)

  8. 1. I think Sage is an awesome name for a horse
    2. I am jealous that you are in Florida and have already made new horse friends! I do believe you have a magnetic personality!
    3. That stuffing sounds wonderful.
    4. NINE people out on a trail ride with you? That sounds very dreamy. Were there any kickers in the group?


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