Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Twenty-four hours sometimes slip into days

Here is my Maizie girl yesterday afternoon with her pony, Foggy BEFORE OUR FAMILY RIDE!!!!

Our temperatures were an amazing 60 degrees and the sunlight was magical. It was very pretty for November in Pennsylvania. Brian is on Sovey, above, and Maizie is on Foggy sweetie boy. I am on the chubby Pie Pie but you can't see us because I am taking all the photos. We rode in the field and through the woods.  

My mom led Foggy for us to keep Maizie safe.

Here we are letting the horses enjoy a post ride grazing session.  They were all so good and deserved the yummy clover they found on the hayfield paths.

The weather has been perfect for riding for the last week. Prior to that we had the wicked October snow storm and lost the electric at our house for four days. Brian, Maizie, Noodlebug, and I moved over to the farm and lived in my grandmother's (empty but furnished) house because there was electric there. I got to live where my horses live!!!!! I was in heaven for a week! Sometimes you really do get what you wish for. No internet there, which explains my blogging absence (I promise to catch up on all my favorite blogs soon).  Tons of down trees in our woods and pastures.  Luckily, I put the horses inside the barn on the night of the storm because many trees fell on the fence. If they had been out, Pie would have certainly stepped over the fence and encouraged his friends Sovey and Foggy to do the same. I shudder to think about it.  

A week before the storm, my friend Terry came to ride with me one sunny afternoon. Terry rode with me in November of 2009 and we had an equally good ride this year.  Here she is, below, on Sovereign.


  1. We have had that same weather. Just another day or two more and it's going to cool down. I love the idea of a family ride.

  2. awesome. Love the family ride :) What bliss!!! That first pic of Foggy and Maizie is perfect!

  3. Glad you all made it through the October storm well. 60 degrees?! How wonderful! It turned cold here suddenly and has stayed that way, and the winds have been picking up. Your family rides looks lovely.

  4. EXCELLENT A family outing in a fabulous November gift of a day!!
    Wow wondered if you got hit with the white storms. A week without power sounds heavenly( must have fireplace though) oh, I'm sighing.g for the thought!
    0H bat dead...ill come back later

  5. What a lovely day for a family ride! We lucked out with the snow storm and only lost power for a day, but of course, my first worry was the horses. Thankfully, all was well at the barn, but it would be so nice to have them right in the back yard!

  6. The weather here in the UK has been mild, but last year at this time we had the same snow storms as you and we also had no electric. As I live in an old house, I had to remind myself that the original owners would never have had electricity anyway, so I couldn't complain!
    I am glad your lovely horses were all save and sound after the storm, and how nice to take them all out together on a family ride. The weather looked great on your pictures, such a contrast from all the white stuff!
    I am having a giveaway as an awards 'thank you'. Hope you will come and join in :)

  7. How great that the whole family got out to ride on such a beautiful day! Just look at that smile on Maizies face :)

  8. Looks like fun! The weather was perfect last week. I hear it will return on Monday:)


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