Saturday, September 22, 2012

And the people passin' by just stare in wild wonder

Oh, sunshine-y September! You have been so good to us. Shadow shot of the big boy, Pie, yesterday, and my foot. The wind was whipping and the road crew was working close by, but all the horses kept their cool. I've said it before - our farm, close to loud trucks on the turnpike and the annoying auto auction has given me three, steady quiet police horses. They are unflappable.

Wild mane whipping in the wind!

Foggy looking rounder!

Three cutie boys after our ride. I have better photos than this one, but I'll save them for another post. Pie, far right, is giving me the worried look about my phone, "Julwee, what is that scary thing you are holding there?" I rode early in the morning and then ran five miles with Brian. The Appalachian Trail was bathed in golden light and Brian and I felt sad for Maizie stuck in that airtight school building. Last evening, Brian, Maizie, my mom, and I joined friends and went roller skating. I fell on my knee when a little (heller) kid plowed into me! I am fine and kept right on going but I cut my knee and will be stiff in a few days. I posted before about how much I think staying loose and relaxed while skating is similar to riding a horse. The good thing about riding, though, is that there aren't little kids flying into you, knocking you off your horse at every turn!


  1. So far no one's knocked me off my horse, but at our large boarding barn there are plenty of little kids - and some adults - flying around the arena without paying attention to where they're going . . .

    Love the group picture of your three dark bay boys!

  2. Agree with Kate - love the group shot!

    Val resents my phone. He tries to taste I mean snatch it from me... our end of ride photo sessions delay untacking and snacking you see.

    Hope your knee heals up quick! :D

  3. Awww! Look at them all together! So cute!
    I love having activity around when riding, it gets them used to everything!! I always say.. bring it on!

  4. Kate - I can totally picture that same dynamic in the ring - with kids (and adults) trotting and cantering around without looking where they are going. Be careful!

    C,F,S - Val and Pie are cute from the same cloth - minutes later, Pie was trying to eat my phone.

    Paint Girl - You crack me up with your "bring it on" comment about noise. I imagine your perfect corner of the world (PNW) to be silent save for the wildlife! You are so lucky!

  5. Riding and running five miles - you're my hero! Sounds like a fabulous fall day.
    Loved the group picture. Beautiful boys.

  6. Oh good gravy! That kid knocking you over! What's so funny about that is he probably thought you were a clumsy old lady for falling over--even though you are not old at all! It sounds like a job for the Brumby Crusader! That's a brumby superhero who rides up on horseback and corrects all the wrongdoers in the rollerskating world! Your guys sure look great. Don't you love them so much? Pie is such a funny horse, perfectly delightful. Every herd needs a Pie. In Bill's herd, it could be Pokey. Pie and Pokey--that sounds like an excellent comic book just dying to be written!

  7. What a cute picture of the boys!
    Ruffy is afraid of the shutter on my SLR, but doesn't mind the little digital.
    Looks like a lovely day for a ride, and a run if my knees could handle it!

  8. Well roller scating is surely fun but sometimes like that!
    Hope you're all healed.
    Your boys are so gorgeous. Funny about the camera...mine puts on the bored -oh really- face!


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