Saturday, September 1, 2012

Crimson ball sinks from view

Today's ride was almost entirely off the property. Foggy is the exploring boy. Here we are at the church across the street in their new soccer field. If you click the photo, above, you can see a video. 

We walked right down the street this morning. I rarely ride on the street, but it was a sleepy Saturday morning and I only took him on a small side road. Still, not perfect - dreaming of miles of trails. 

Last night's huge moon over the pastures. 


  1. Pretty pictures. I wish we had miles of trails here too.

  2. Is that the Blue Moon????
    BTW, there are miles of trails here at Bear River Horse Farm! Come for a visit or forever!

  3. Wasn't that moon amazing! A blue one :) Miles of trails right near us and not a sound hoof yet to go play on. Hope u are enjoying your amazing rides :)

  4. baystatebrumby - Don't tempt me! You and Bill might get more than you bargained for!

    Kristen - Thinking good thoughts so that you and the sweet boy can get back out there soon!


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