Thursday, September 27, 2012

All you do is slow me down

On Tuesday I thought it would be nice to take a few photos of Sovey while I rode. He has been going in his halter all summer with no problems whatsoever. Just as I pulled out the camera and shot this picture, a deer popped out at us and Sovereign took off cantering.

Whoa doggers!

Looks like I fell off...but I didn't - luckily!  He side-stepped a few more times on the rest of the ride. I think it might be time to put the bitless bridle back on him!


  1. I have often feared this scenario!

    So, are you so dedicated a blogger that you thought to click off a few shots as you cantered off, or were they random scrambling with the camera hand pictures?

    (Inquiring minds want to know.) ;D

  2. Calm, Forward, Straight - Ha! No thinking at all - my photo touch screen is so sensitive and I already had my finger on the shutter - so off it went - again and again - luckily I didn't go off too! No more photos the rest of the ride! I was paying attention like I should have been earlier!

  3. The things we do for a blog post! I'm glad that you didn't fall off, and the pictures really capture the moment. This time of year, with the cool weather coming in, I always think of as frisky season.

  4. Good action shots! ,glad you didn't come off. Might be a good idea to use the bridle until they get used to the change of season.

  5. Ha! Those deer get me every time--popping up out of nowhere!
    Love the action shots and good for you for hanging on.

  6. One never knows what a ride may give you! Dang happy you stayed aboard, Jules! I don't blame him.

    Sometimes the wayward times come on Calm days!


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