Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Horseless weekend in NYC

On Saturday I left my boys happily grazing in the pastures and took a weekend trip with Maizie and Brian to NYC. Brian had to deliver one of his lovely tables outside of the city, so we combined our outing with a visit to Maizie's mecca, Yankee Stadium. Baseball, in general, and the Yankees, in particular, is Maizie's current passion. (She also happens to have a huge crush on Yankees catcher, Russell Martin, which of course, helps fuel this interest.) Maizie doesn't play baseball or softball, but she loves to analyze the strategies and numbers of the game. She is a walking encyclopedia of baseball facts and figures - not history, but current information. At thirteen, she aspires not to be the first woman president of the United States, but the first woman field manager in Major League Baseball.  Here she is practicing from the Yankee Dugout. Watch out, Joe!

Old school mode of travel - truck with a bench seat - three across! We borrowed Brian's dad's truck and put the table in the bed. This gave us tight family time. I had to listen to baseball talk and they had to endure my squeals of delight at every horse farm we passed. The family who purchased the table placed it under a pergola in their garden with an adorable donkey and many sheep right outside the garden gate. Their farm is surrounded by gorgeous equestrian properties. 

 Maizie looking young and pensive with her "Golden Ticket" to Yankee Stadium in hand.

Maizie and Brian in the dugout.

Back in Manhattan I took a street scene of the Empire State Building at night...

and another in the morning.

Maizie and Brian in Times Square on Saturday night.

Monday morning it sure was good to be home and groom the sweetie pies and hop on Sovereign for a much needed ride! I felt the frenetic nature of the city melt away. I can't live too many days without horsey breath. I noticed that their coats had gotten thicker and fluffed up in just a weekend. 


  1. Glad you had a nice time in the city. I'm a big Yankee fan from way back. It's always nice to visit the city but even nicer to come home to the farm!

  2. I'd be squealing at horse farms too!

  3. The city IS so great to visit. I love it. But I can tell you I wouldn't live there. Not enough brumbies. I am curious about what kind of shoes the police horses are wearing on the street. Did you see any in Times Square? Maizie is so cute--looks a lot like her mum!! But can't we persuade her to ditch the Yankees and be a Red Sox fan?????
    I love the bench seat photo. That's the family album cover for sure!!!!!

  4. What great pictures of NY. Maisie is so pretty. Love the picture of her in her Yankees shirt. All of the pictures are great. What a fun outing.
    The table is gorgeous!

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    Bay State Brumby - I am glad I didn't see any mounted police - I would have been in trouble for sticking my face against their horse's nostrils. I can just see me getting a citation for petting a horse on duty. Not one horse the entire time!

  6. Juliette, Sounds like it was a fun trip! How did you get into the dugout - wow, that seems very special, for only very special fans!!
    Brian's tables are beautiful!!
    I know your sweet horses missed you and were so glad you were home to groom them and love them.

  7. Jan - Maizie is a special fan because she is so crazy about them, but really the tour takes everyone to the dugout and into the locker rooms! No cameras were allowed in there, but it really was something to see!

  8. Fantastic trip. Sure ***loved all the shots. Brian's hair takes me back to my man's beautiful curly locks as we dated and the early years. Just love you guys!

    Brians works of pure art in woodworking. Awesome. I signed up for a catalog. Very nice trip.and to fuel Maisie's passion is great. How neat-o to sit
    in that dug out!

    Nice to be home to those horsefaces ultimately. City times need to be sparsely integrated in life!


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