Saturday, October 13, 2012

gentle sweet singin' of leaves in the wind hands look too high and goofy, but I can't help loving this picture of my Pie on our sunlight ride this afternoon. Remove a glove and Pie paws the ground which makes me giggle so he paws all the more. The light was honestly this beautiful...

...and Bittersweet climbs the tree behind us...

...and high contrast shadows everywhere you look. 

Even with his silly pawing, Pie is my easy picture-taking boy so the pictures are always of him, but Sovereign and Foggy are sharing all the autumn spotlights too. Our rides have been numerous (everyday!) and lovely. 


  1. That is a lovely picture! I too ride w/ high hands, it's b/c we keep our reins long and it's a quick adjustment. xo

  2. Yup, that's it alright--long reins and relaxed head/neck, until I need to pick 'em up fast when he spooks!
    Lovely light, lovely pictures.

  3. He certainly is photogenic! The light in the pictures is awesome.

  4. Juliette, Oh, those are such beautiful photos of Pie! (The first two). They show the light (gorgeous!) and Pie's lovely form so nicely. I really love those two photos in particular. Glad you are having good riding weather.

  5. Autumn is here! Although I love the gold light and warm temps it can offer. Looks like you are having the best time. How lucky that you are riding every day!!!! I am jealous, but in the nicest way. oh, I just want to hug Pie!!!


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