Saturday, October 6, 2012

I feel the wind blow, outside my door

Late afternoon ride a few hours ago after Maizie's cross country invitational. Pie first and Foggy second. The day started gray and wet and humid and warm and then it suddenly got windy and blew in autumn proper. By the time I got to the barn it was chilly and beautiful and the light was...indescribable. I tried to shoot some pictures, but I could not capture what I was seeing. 

Between rides I gave Pie a post-ride graze. I pretended that I was not rushing him, and acted nonchalant, but really, I only allowed him to graze for two minutes. I timed it - two minutes. That way, he thinks he is getting some lushness like the other boys, but his belly doesn't add the unnecessary heft. 

And speaking of heft! Look at the heft here!!! Long shadows make Pie-Pie look worse than he actually is!

The actual is a little round.

My ride on Foggy was equally breathtaking. Fall is the best season ever. The light, the temperatures, the leaves, the grass - just perfect.


  1. We usually don't get nice fall weather, but this fall has been the best I have ever seen. 76 days with no measurable rainfall and it's still in the 70's during the day. Totally unheard of around here!
    Chunky belly shadow picture is adorable! I have a couple looking like that right now!!

  2. Yes, fall is the best time of year for riding, isn't it? Love the shot of the long legs and big belly-hah! That summery weather blew through here today. Got it a nice ride, and then it rained. Looks like tomorrow should be nice too, until late in the day. I love long weekends this time of year.

  3. Pie's pumpkin belly and never ending legs aside - his head is almost as big as you juliette!

    We had a sublime day yesterday, and most of today should be the same. Happy fall!!

  4. Love this weather too! Wish it would stop raining on and off though. It's getting pretty here.

    Love your pictures and I think he looks just fine. Mine tend to get chunky if I don't keep an eye on their intake too.

  5. Your shots are really lively with color! Gorgeous.
    Pie looks good, you have grasses. Must mean you've had some moisture.

    I love me autumn times!.
    Simply the best time if year, huh.

    Trying to catch up with you!


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