Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Long as I remember

Today is Maizie's 14th birthday! These two photos were taken when she was three years old. She is on Skipper, our friend's horse.

Maizie has perfect attendance so she decided to stay home from school today to spend time with us. We slept in until 7:30 (decadent!) and then had coffees and gift opening. We all got ready to go running, but it started raining so Maizie wanted to play poker! Poker on a Tuesday birthday morning and she actually won.

Next, the rain had stopped so we headed out for our run on an old time deserted road that looks like something out of The Waltons. But, at the end of this road sits a Target store! Brian loves the time-travel feeling of being on a road that seems like it is from the 1940's and then popping out to the consumer world and back again. The road is 1.5 miles long so our out-and-back-run was supposed to be three miles, but Brian wanted to run around the Target parking lot (ick). Therefore we ended up going four miles total. Here they are starting out...(they came back for me as soon as I took this picture!)

...and after the run.

Next, we had lunch and celebrated with pies that I made. Maizie isn't a big cake person so I baked pies for her birthday.

After lunch we headed to the barn! I rode Sovereign and Maizie and Brian played pool. Here they are posing with a pool cue. Mom is gracefully bending over in the background petting her Eby dog.

Sovey takes me through the fall leaves bareback. We are using the halter only again - not for long - the cold wind is coming!

After the riding and pool playing, we all played tennis. The court was full of leaves and still a little wet from the morning rain, but it was fun hitting anyway. There was a captive audience watching our every move on the court - the three silly boys!

Of course Pie wasn't so captive - he was busy eating!

Happy Birthday Maizie girl! It is hard to believe you are 14 years old!


  1. Happy Birthday to Maizie! Looks like she had a great day!

  2. You can't beat kids on horses. Great pictures.


  3. happy birthday to Maizie! Did she never catch onto your love of horses?

  4. Hi Dan - You are right - kids on horses - adorable.

    sydney K - Maizie was horse crazy when she was little. She called horses "Lup, Lups" for "giddy up" but on the day those picture were taken on Skipper her eyes and face swelled. We realized that she had an allergy. In 2007 when I got back into horses in a big way Maizie's eyes and face would swell just from my horsey clothing. I gave her benadryl and she took riding lessons, but it wasn't worth it. She just was terribly allergic. Now, she has a mild tolerance. She can lead them and be in the barn for a few minutes. She loves horses, but she isn't horse crazy. I think if she outgrows the allergy she might have another chance with them later in life.

  5. Happy Birthday Mazie! Love all the pictures, so cute when she was small on the horse.

  6. What a fabulous way to spend a birthday! I should have played hooky from work yesterday...
    Maizie shares my Birthday! But I am much, much older

  7. Juliette,
    What a fun day! Happy birthday to your daughter also - how cute is she on the horse when she was 3 years old!!
    My favorite photo, of all these wonderful photos, is you on Sovey! It is very picturesque, both you and your sweet horse.
    Love to hear about how the day went- your voice (that comes through your writing), your fun ideas, your sweet family, and of course your super-wonderful horses, are so nice to get to know in your blog, when you write about a special day. Thanks, Juliette!

  8. Happy Birthday to Maizie!
    Cute photo of her on the friend's horse.
    I'd like to stay home on my birthday, but I did manage to get the evening off--yipee!

  9. Hi Jules!
    Hang onto your horses, that storm looks horrendous.
    I so rarely watch the news, but did tonight to see Sandy ...battering my friends up.

    Happy~Happy Birthday wishes for your Maizie girl. Totally adored the photo duplication shot!!
    Fantastically fun day. I'll take pie over cake too!

    Take good care now

  10. What a busy and beautiful day! Don't you love that you are making memories that Maizie will probably remember and carry with her for the rest of her life?


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