Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Birthday to the Brothers January - Sovey and Foggy!

Happy Birthday Found in the Fog - today he is eight years old! Here he is, above, on our Sunday ride. He is a fluff ball and the sweetest horse that ever was.

And Sovereign turned nine on Saturday. We had a great birthday ride. It has been very cold and windy but the sun has been out so I am not complaining. I wear many layers and Carhartts on the top. My mom says that I look like a man in the photo below! I need to get pink Carhartts like Bay State Brumby!

I was letting Sovereign graze a little at the beginning of our ride - it was his birthday after all!

The grainy, blurry nature of this one makes me giggle. It looks like that old 1970's footage of Bigfoot.

So the brothers were born in Ocala, Florida to Western Groom and Suave Prospect. Sovereign (Suave Lord) was born on January 19, 2004 and Foggy (Found in the Fog) was born on January 22, 2005. Fortunately, it is much warmer in Ocala in January than here! I am so lucky to have two full brothers. How did that miracle ever happen? They look a lot alike and seem to have a close friendship/bond, but their personalities are entirely different. 

Sovey must have had a tough life or else he was just born sad. He has a few things that make him happy but not much. I strive each day to see him smile, but it is rare. I adore him anyway and so does my mom and our farrier. We all are won over by his quirky personality and high intelligence. There are brief periods of hand-grazing (or eating hay and grain from the wheelbarrow) when I brush Sovey gently and he will close his eyes and relax and seems at peace.  

He also loves going out for a ride. I can ride him in a halter and bareback any day of the year. He rarely shies and seems to enjoy our rides. He also loves Blueberry Iced Tea. This photo is from 2011, but I brought the jug with me this year on his birthday and he slurped it up making delicious noises!

Birthday boy Foggy is the happiest horse I have ever seen in this world. He is interested in everything and clearly enjoys himself. There is nothing I can't ask him to do. He loves everything and everybody! He loves riding, hand-walking or just standing around hanging out with humans. He could easily live in a house - he tries to wiggle inside any building we find. Every single time I walk up to him, no matter how many times in a day, Foggy gently nickers. Every single time. He melts my heart.


  1. Very cool that you have the two full brothers! Happy birthday to both beautiful boys!

    The old man I got Pie from has his full brother and just recently got his half-brother - I wouldn't mind having either one of them.

    Dawn has no full siblings but has a very large number of half-siblings, as her sire was a breeding stallion for many years.

    Red also has a few half brothers and sisters - I sometimes look for them on the horse sale sites. Maybe someday . . .

  2. Someday for sure, Kate! I love how you call your sweet Pie's former owner "the old man" - it is super endearing when you write that and explains why Pie is such a wonderful, good boy!!

  3. It is so nice to have two Jolly January birthdays this month! Suave Lord, oh my, that sounds verrry serious!! I love horse names! They are always so magical sounding. I love the carhardt suit! Isn't it the best! One time I wore my full-on pink suit to Target and a few people downright STARED at me! I guess I looked like a startling Pink Wonder Woman! Hope you keep the birthday celebrations going!!!

  4. A very happy birthday to the brothers So and Fo!

    (Maybe Sovey is just more thoughtful than sad... after all - somebody has to be the realist in the family)

  5. Ha! I do like Christian's explanation for Sovey's demeanor!
    Holiday = happy horse days!
    What a blessing to have the brothers and to celebrate them. We celebrate with you Jules.

    The Bigfoot reference made me giggle...maybe pink would help the differentiate factor-between man or beast>-it's warm woman!

    I adore to pieces, that found photo...when you found Foggy!!

  6. Horses can definitely make us feel good. When I'm out cleaning up manure, pushing the wheelbarrow around, Sugar follows me like a little puppy. When I stop she comes up so I can scratch under her chin.


  7. Happy Birthday to the brothers. Isn't it funny that they are brothers but have totally different personalities. Reminds me of myt two dogs, Maggie and Murphy. They are a year apart full sister and brother and couldn't be more different! Hope you and the boys had a great time for their birthdays

  8. Happy Birthday Sovey and Foggy! Both seem like sweet boys.

  9. Thanks everyone! Dan, that is just adorable about Sugar. Our Pie does the same thing! Big puppies!

  10. Happy Birthday boys! Great photos of the guys. Don't you love Carhartts? Nothing beats them for this weather we're having! I've become quite fond of mine, despite the bulk and yucky brown color. Don't know if I can handle the pink, like our friend Bay State Brumby...Maybe a nice shade of dark green or blue?

  11. Happy birthday to your boys! How great that you have two full brothers. Rogo has a half brother at the trainer's barn, which is flukey given the sire is in Germany, but a full brother would be so cool. Rogo and his half brother look NOTHING alike, but have very similar personalities. Funny.
    Eight and nine are perfect ages. Young, but with a brain. You're such a good and understanding horsewoman - you 'get' both of your boys. Happy birthday to both of them!
    Oh, and also, I see your reference to entering my hairy chinned horse contest :)


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