Sunday, February 3, 2013

The willow turns his back on inclement weather

It was snowing for our ride today. I went to the car with Pie in tow to get my camera. Pie loves helping me get things out of the car.

Look at the snow flakes falling in front of the sweet boy! His muzzle is brown in the winter and so is Sovey's, but cutie Foggy's nose is completely black.

Pie was turning around as my mom took this one so his back legs are under him in a weird position. He looks like a fat pony. Oh, I love him! The turnpike is right behind us with roaring trucks but Pie doesn't care. Today when I mounted, I couldn't get my boot in the stirrup - my pants were too tight (yikes!) and I had to take my other hand and pull my boot up. It took forever and Pie stood statue still for me while the snow was whipping around. My mom asked, "Why is he so good?" I really don't know. He is a great horse.

 Funny face, Pie. Funny arms, me. Funny gloves on the ground, Mom!

Good rides lately on all the boys, but too cold to enjoy much after the ride. Barn chores are easy because I can keep warm, but riding leaves me like a frozen popsicle with frost bitten fingers. I have to get warmer gloves. The post ride grazing session is painful. And of course, two other sweeties want their turns after the first horse. Today, as I was grazing Sovereign out near the road, a car slowed and pulled over. The back window rolled down and a little boy looked out and waved. I waved and walked Sovereign closer. The father waved and smiled and the little boy said, "I see your zebra." We think Sovey sometimes resembles a llama or alpaca, but a zebra?!! I realized that the father and son did not speak English so I said, "Yes, he is my horse." They just smiled and waved and off they went. I was grateful for the giggle - it helped me forget about my frozen fingers for a few minutes. With a little luck spring will be here soon!


  1. No wonder you love your boys - they're adorable. Pie is so round and furry I just want to reach into my computer and give him a big hug.
    What a good boy he is to behave so well in whipping wind, snow and noise. You've done a great job.
    I can relate to the cold fingers. I've had to stop several times in the first minutes of my ride lately because my fingers hurt so much. After that they either get numb or warm up :)
    Looking forward to spring too...

  2. Looks so cold! I wish I could find warmer gloves too. They are so hard to find! Let us all know if you ever find some. You do have really good boys. I wouldn't want to get on my horses right now, after 4 months off. We just get so much rain here, either my arena is under water or it's just miserable getting soaked. Hoping spring brings us better weather this year. We didn't dry out until the end of June last year. Sigh.

  3. Sweet sweet Pie! Good for you braving the frozen digits to ride your guys. :)

    Maybe Pie wants to be like Patches. Patches likes cars too... and hamburgers.

    (this has been around a while - apologies if you've seen it already)

  4. That is one cute zebra you are riding! :-) You know how to bundle up for winter riding. I am trying to stretch beyond my fair weather comfort zone. Just got a helmet cozy with fleece to cover ears and chin. What is that you are wearing? A hemet cozy or neck cowl or balaclava? You are a good example.

  5. Oh Jules, you two are the sight, all fluffy bundled!!
    I almost posted about " Little Hotties"last post...they are the best warmers, fitting into gloves, boots! A total accident finding them. I usually get the air activated kind, it's loose and you can have it in pocket or glove. But I grabbed the toe kind last time. ***LOVE EM***
    They stick to the bottom of your boots, shoes as you ride in the frigid.5 hours of warm! I've since put them in my gloves too!

    Pie pie, you are adorable-as Zebra or horse! Haha!I love the random glove droppings mom.

  6. Thanks for the great comments everyone!

    C,F,S - I was late to the party and had not seen that video - thanks!

    Once Upon - I do have a red helmet cozy but I don't have it on that day. I forgot it. I do have a fleece balaclava under my helmet and I usually wear a neck cowl muffler in addition. I am not the best person to listen to about riding gear for winter. Kacy at allhorsestuff knows her stuff as does Bay State Brumby. I am paying the price for not stocking up on the right stuff early! Good luck!

  7. What cute fuzzies! I love your outfit--similar to mine. Where would we be without Carhartt? I know what you mean about staying warm with chores, but freezing when you ride. Hands and feet are certainly the hardest to keep warm. If it's really bitter, I use mittens instead of gloves.
    Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow :)

  8. I was surprised to see my comment! The other day when I(tried to) left it from my phone,while at work, it told me No-Go! Glad it lied...cause, you never get that "first-thought" comment back.

    Sooowa, I get to leave another one now! Tee hehe!

    Love PiePie's muzzle, in the hues of the deer. Very soft.The snowy flakes are really sweet on his fluffy coat too.

    You and Imel, have to be skinnies to wear CarHartts!I would look so redick in them. Totally a MICHELIN (wo)MAN. Probably wouldn't be able to bend my legs, and fall directly off, while jumping on to mount!

    Well, I looked up the "Litle Hotties" and a case of them is very affordable. @20 buck'os for 30 pairs of the neat-o-toe warmers with adhesive. . And $18 bucknics for 40 pair of air activated hand warmers. AMAZON.

    We have snapped back to ***COLD too now. Fraeezing!

    XO to all ponies and peoples!


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