Tuesday, February 19, 2013

And he likes to sing along

Here is Sovereign on our ride yesterday. If you click the photo, you can see a short video of the ride. The video ends abruptly with a jumble, but I didn't fall off! Sovey shied at something. He doesn't like the camera at all. You would think I'd have learned by now. He wants (and really deserves!) all my attention. Any time I fiddle around with a camera or lose my focus, he gets very irked. He walks fast and tries to knock me off under low branches. Or he shies at nothing. He is not to blame at all. I believe riding a horse is a privilege and multi-tasking isn't part of the bargain. But, invariably I want to document his cuteness and he says, "Fine, you mess about with your camera and I'll find something else to do too!" Oh, Sovey, you are so smart.


  1. You're right that horses know when we're not paying attention - when we become a passenger instead of a rider.


  2. Haha! Sorry to laugh, but I knew it ended fine!

    He's much like Pantz, if you're not in charge or take the lead roll-SHE WILL!
    Mine, doesn't mind me doing my photo thing"while moving" it is the stopping that offends her!

    Love how lush and fluffy he is. Your bridle just disappears beneath his fur. And his coloring, is so much lighter with ask that fluff. Reminded me of that gorgeous place you took the ride, all golden, thick.

    You are the 4th-COOL-shadow shot rider I've seen in 4 days!!! That is a great sign, riding with him. And his horse, beautiful. Rider, straight and fine!

  3. What a fuzzzzball :) and I agree-every time I try to capture something, which is ALL the time, I lose the moment and Laz knows it!!!

  4. Ah, a horse who wants all your attention! He's very cool and funny. Believe it or not I've never taken one picture while riding. I have nothing against it I just never thought about doing it for some reason. Then again I never take my cell phone out of the car either. Guess I'm just not into technology and lie my peace and quiet.

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