Friday, February 22, 2013

Four years ago today!

Four years ago, on February 22, 2009, Pie, Sly Pioneer, and Sovereign, Suave Lord, two off-track-Thoroughbreds, arrived at the farm to be our forever horses. Little Pie, above, was only three years old!

The plan was to foster and retrain these two little imps and then help them find happy homes. That is why an early post and graphic said "Foster Thoroughbreds' First Lesson" (below). Anyone who knows me, though, knows that was a very silly plan. As soon as the two sweetie boys walked off the trailer, my heart leaped forward with glee. I knew that instant they were already home. 

My riding goals were unusual. I needed to find a way to make these guys feel happy and secure because I wanted to ride every single day in all weather. I did not want to ever lunge them or use a round pen, even at the beginning. Also, I did not want to use a bit. I planned to ride only in a bitless bridle or halter. I wanted to ride primarily outside of the ring on trails and through fields for an hour each day. 

Miraculously, Pie and Sovereign both allowed me to ride and work with them in this new and exciting (to me) way. We added our sweet little Foggy, Found in the Fog, another OTTB, to the mix in January of 2011 and wow, what an amazing trip it has been! 

Just yesterday, Foggy and I were returning from a safe ride through the woods with high winds whipping around and the temperature barely above 30 degrees. A truck from the auto auction whizzed by us and his hood unlatched and flew up slamming into his windshield with a crash. He hit the breaks causing all the vehicles behind him to screech their tires. We were out riding near the road but Foggy just looked and kept on walking as if nothing happened at all. Our work together, which I like to call "Lingering" has made them calm and trusting. I got my dream horses!


  1. Well done ignoring the noisy trail hazards. :D

    Happy anniversary to you and your three super awesome ♡ horses. I think they also know how lucky they were to land on your "foster" farm.

  2. What a great job you have done with your boys!

  3. That's why I'll never go to a horse auction or rescue facility. I would have a hard time walking away and at our age two horses are plenty.

    Good post.


  4. Happy Anniversary to you and the gang! Your horses are very special. I'm glad they found a forever foster home with you.

  5. Happy Anni to you & your beautiful boys!

  6. Happy Anniversary! I think the boys are in an awesome forever home. You've done a terrific job with them. I had to laugh about the fostering part--John got the two fillies to retrain and sell. Hmmmm....I don't think they are going anywhere anytime soon! :) I'd consider barn leasing one to help with costs, but I want to know they are being properly cared for and keep tabs on our girls! And anyway, Harley wants his "herd".
    Wow! That truck scenario would have scared the bejeezus out of Harley!

  7. Fantastico! ***ear to ear here!
    It truly can be said " all parties (human/horses alike) are in Heaven-on-earth.
    A-Dorable shots of the 2 youngsters!

  8. WOW that is totally have built very strong leadership/partnership and trust :)

  9. Happy Anniversary. You have done a beautiful job with your boys. That was some crazy accident with that truck. Just goes to show you can't prep for everything...or maybe you can...Foggy handled it like it was no big deal. Well done! Pretty pictures.

  10. Back Again....Need s Me Some A Re MasteredTB and TSunshine Girl" Readin'!!

    The Hand Drawn, Painted Teacher And Her"Pets" In the Classroom-A Visual Treat!

    Miss You....All!
    KK / Wa Mare


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