Monday, February 11, 2013

When I feel cold you warm me

We didn't get one flake of snow from the big storm. I am thinking good thoughts for lmel and baystatebrumby and everyone else who got walloped up there. You all need my new gloves! They are warm and wonderful, but a little too bulky for riding. I decided on a pair of Outdoor Research Arete Gloves. (They were around $50 and free shipping.) I knew they would not really be for riding, but I need a good pair to slip into after the ride for post ride grazing and grooming. 

Our weather was warm (26 degrees when I got to the barn and 31 degrees when I left) and sunny yesterday and Pie was a sleepy one so I figured I'd try them out on a ride anyway. 

Not much control with these gloves, but fortunately not much was needed!

Here Pie has a nibble so we could get a close up shot of the gloves. Look how fluffy Pie's coat is! All the boys look like woolly mammoths which cracks me up when I see them. This way of horsekeeping is hard to get used to, but I think they like it. My brain is so conditioned to expect to see three sleek, shiny Thoroughbreds when I arrive and instead these fluff balls greet me! 

Getting in the pocket is not too easy. I would not recommend these gloves for riding, but they are very toasty before and after the ride and I had enough dexterity to hook halters and Pie's bridle. They were so warm I had to take the silk liner out for some of the time yesterday because my hands were sweating. I welcome sweating. Now, I have to get warm riding gloves for the days when Pie isn't so sleepy!

Two funny things happened yesterday that I forgot to say when I posted this earlier:  First, one of my new gloves went missing after my ride! I looked everywhere. Then I peeked over Pie's stall and there it was UNDER HIS BACK FOOT! I can't keep anything nice and new. I stuck him in his stall to relax and get a drink and nibble some hay. How one of my new gloves ended up under his foot, I'll never know!

And, after I turned everyone back outside, Pie and Sovey were grazing and Foggy went down to the water trough for a drink. Then he tucked himself in the shed and just stood there watching the other boys far away. Finally, he decided he should go back out and join them and he started cantering, but not really racing. He floated into a relaxed canter and then kicked a front leg out playfully and twisted and did a buck and kicked his other front out like a boxer puppy. He is the most adorable, happy horse I have ever seen in my life!


  1. Glad you didn't get clobbered by snow and have toasty gloves. Even with his winter fuzzies Pie is very shiny. :D

  2. We got some snow but it's gorgeous (it's melting away as I type-booo)
    I ride/work with these gloves and they are pretty affordable ($29) and really warm and waterproof!
    Maybe as a second pair?? or maybe you have them and don't find them as warm but I'm a shiver shaker and these are my 2nd pair I love them so much.

  3. Those gloves do look toasty. I can see they might not be good for riding but warm is good right now for afterwards. I love the fluff balls, they look so cute. Glad you missed the snow storm!

  4. It surely did miss you! Check out those dry grounds and lovely sunshine!! Even though I know it frigid, with having to wear the sub zero gloves, but it looks warm.from here.

    Mine, she's a shedding! So is D'ap, with white hairs flying and sticky sticking upon the closet human.

    Pie pie, is still shimmery shinny, even with the fluff. He's healthy and happy

    Nice ride, and Wa nickers hullo

  5. Nice ... and nothing warms up better than a bareback ride ! Pie is lovely ...I wonder if he would like to trot over and see Sarina in all the snow play ...

  6. Wow! Not a flake of snow! I'm sorry to be missing out on the fun this year. Love those gloves, but you're right--too bulky for dexterity. I'm a big fan of mittens. I spent Sunday in my Dachstein mitts--dense boiled wool that are windproof. If I wear liner gloves under them, I've got some protection when I need to use my fingers, ie halters, bridles, etc.
    We got more snow Monday, but it turned to rain by noon--boo, hiss!

  7. I definitely need those gloves! I have some big huge mittens that I wear when riding and they are not exactly the most dexterous either. Good thing my brumby is so good that I practically don't need to use my hands at all. But those gloves would be very good, seeing how they have fingers and all. I know exactly what it feels like when I see you riding in your warm suit and bulky gloves. I look the same here but I haven't been able to ride lately because on the nicest days I am at work: bleccch!!! Who needs work? It is so hard on the soul....that is when one's soul is longing to be on horseback. Oh sigh, hopefully spring will be here soon!


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