Thursday, April 11, 2013

Say hello to heaven

Sometimes we are privileged to meet animals who make us better people. We strive to emulate their patience, kindness, and big heart. One such sweetie pie was our periodic house guest, adorable Zoe. We consider ourselves unbelievably lucky to have known her. Zoe passed away on April 2nd and now our hearts are heavy.

Zoe was a huge Bernese Mountain Dog. She was the largest in the litter - so big that no one wanted her. Our friends adopted her and she proved to be filled with the gentlest spirit you have ever seen. Everyone loved Zoe. We were lucky to have her in our home a few weeks a year when her family traveled. Our house is tiny and having Zoe was like having a small pony with us, but she was never loud or rough.

Noodlebug was completely smitten with Zoe - and Zoe's enormous food bowl! Her dry food was kept out for all-day snacking and Noodlebug never hesitated to visit this trough, often right in front of Zoe. The slow, kind, gentle puppy-girl never minded sharing, waiting patiently until Noodle was finished. Noodle would play with Zoe's tail as it continuously waved like a happy flag, but she never once got angry with Noodle.

This is Maizie with Zoe's little girl, Kyra, in 2007, when the girls were in third grade. Kyra owned Zoe, a few kitties and a pet bunny too. If Zoe was sleeping on the floor, the bunny would hop right on Zoe's back and over the other side! Zoe-girl didn't mind.

Zoe loved winter! The colder the better for her. She wanted to play and stay out in the snow for hours. There were times when I was fretting and worrying about my horses and wondering if I should bring them into the barn because of snow or sleet, but then I'd see Zoe, happily sleeping in the snow. No amount of coaxing from me could get her inside. I got her to come in at night but it was never easy in the winter!

I wish I could be as gentle and patient as Zoe. The world was certainly blessed to have her in it.


  1. What a beautiful face. I truly believe animals go to heaven and she's happily running around with all those dogs who have gone before her.

    Thanks for sharing your loss.


  2. What a sweet girl she was. I'm sure she had a wonderful life and gave much joy to all she met. Goodbye sweet girl, you will be missed by all who knew and loved you.

  3. The best ones are the most hurtful to say goodbye to. A lovely tribute to Zoe. Zoe means life in Greek and it seems she lived a great one and touched many.

  4. My best friend growing up had a Bernese Mountain Dog. She was exactly as you describe Zoe and therefore the perfect friend to us two kids, into pre-teens and then teenage-hood.

    I feel I understand your loss well. My heart to you, your family, and especially Zoe's immediate family.

    Rest now, Zoe, sweet dog. I know you were ever-vigilant over your charges in your kind and understated way. Now, you are the one watched over. Rest. xoxo

  5. Thank you all for such thoughtful words.

  6. Oh, So Sadly I Read The News On Zoe...We Too Are In Reminiscent Stage At Present, For Elsie Kitten.
    With The Photos My Man Has All Over The House, As Reminders.

    Zoe Girl, You Gave Love To So
    Many...Always Will You Be In Heart And Mind.
    Take Care

  7. I don't have to have met her to see how great she was. Rest in peace, magical Zoe.

  8. Oh so sad to lose such a sweet girl. What a lovely face. And a lovely tribute to her.


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