Sunday, March 31, 2013

Each another's audience

This post is dedicated to my fabulous blogger friends!

When I returned home from Friday's rides on Sovereign and Foggy, I was basking in the warm memories of how much fun I just had. Brian and Maizie always ask me how my time at the barn was, and when I tell them, they listen intently, but I can sense, they just don't get what I am saying. I have a tendency to explain in great detail all the ins and outs of my rides, getting more animated and enthusiastic as I visualize and relive every step. Friday, like always, my two sweet listeners were sorry they asked. Their eyes were glassy and their smiles waned as their brains wondered a million miles away into thoughts of baseball and running and chess.  

Later in the evening, I stumbled on a news article about a new book by Mike Greenberg, of Mike and Mike fame. In the interview, Greenberg explains that the idea for the book came when he was at the funeral of a friend who had lost her battle with cancer. The friend's husband read letters from an online cancer support group. Greenberg said those letters sounded like they were written by a family member - they were personal and accurate, yet the writers had never "met" his friend in person. They had formed close friendships entirely online.

This got me thinking about our blogging community and friends - you! I've never actually met you, yet I am so grateful for your friendships. You understand my horses and our rides and subtle horse "talk" like no one else. When things happen on my rides or during the time at the barn, I think about you and how I have to "tell you" this or that. It can be trivial - I have been planning on posting about a new brush I found that works like magic on manes and tails. The brush is just amazing, but only you would care. I hear myself in public at times saying, "Oh, I have a friend who lives..." and then I say what city and state one of you are from as if I've known you my whole life and you just moved away. Really, I've never met you or your horses!

Yesterday, Kristen from sweet horse's breath shared a video with Brian about the marathon. I forwarded it to him and then said, "Kristen sent you a link." He never asked, "Kristen who?" I smile to myself thinking how Kristen and Laz are part of regular discussions in my house and although it is virtual, they are part of my circle of friends. Colleen from Bay State Brumby shoots me off a one line email laughing that we both are tappers (tap dancers). Once Upon an Equine leaves a comment about Misty and posters and I think about her sweet, gentle Misty all day.

Sometimes we are sharing frustrations with weather and it is comforting to read that we are all in the same boat. Even across the pond, Nic is wondering where spring is hiding. Kacy and sweet Washashe mare and Paint Girl and her mustangs battle rain and mud in ways that make me embarrassed to complain if we get a good soaking here.

Grey Horse Matters mentioned the migration of annoying black birds and I know to keep my eyes to the sky because they will be here soon too. Imel at Travels with Harley tries to find warm temperatures during the day to sneak in rides on her three Thoroughbreds, sometimes racing sunset, like I do.

About three weeks ago, I was daydreaming about the perfect horse facility. I planned it all out in my brain and then realized that, in my future dream barn, I would have to slowly work through wash stall fears with my geldings since I don't have one now. Then a week ago, Kate at A Year with Horses, started posting about working with her horses to get them comfortable in the wash stall. Collective unconscious at work.

Dan and Betty and their adorable fluff balls Morgunn and Sugar make me smile and Calm, Forward, Straight, and her Val look like they are having fun every single day! Carol inspires me with her amazing exciting new barn project and all her work with the adorable Rogo.

While I graze my own horses after a ride I think about and pray for Jan and Buckshot, Lytha and Baasha. We all share their losses because we shared all their joys and also loved their horses.

There is a community here and the only requirement to join is to have horse love. As Kate says in her subtitle, "All horse, all the time" and we completely understand that phrase. Thank goodness we have a group of "friends" who understands too!


  1. Right back at ya juliette - my friend in Pennsylvania - no qualifications necessary! :D

  2. It is a wonderful community, isn't it? I wish there was some sort of horse and human transporter (like in Star Trek, but without the mishaps) that could bring us and our horses together in one place so we could meet in person - but this is the next best thing!

  3. What a great idea. Well done and true.

    Thanks and Happy Easter.


  4. I absolutely agree with you. If it weren't for the blogging community of friends and horses we would just bore our families to death with our horse tales. There is no one who understands us so completely as our horses and our fellow horse lovers.

  5. What a wonderful post! I mention my fellow bloggers all the time too when John and I are talking horses. It is a great community, and even though we've never met, we can share ideas, adventures, and woes. I always look forward to reading what my fellow bloggers have been up to. Too bad we can't all meet somewhere for a trail ride!

  6. OMWG!!!
    This Post, Your Heart, My tears In Total Understanding And Acknowledgment!


    Today As I "GROOMA'd" The Mare...SOVEY'S Face Was Seen In My Minds Eye. WA Thought To Be Fidgety, But I Slowed My Rotation, And Fixed My Mind On Soothing Her, Listening. She Then Bent Into Me,Yawned, And Relaxed.

    Just Tonight, I Answered My Mans Request To Tell Him Of The Day....I Quit Just Before
    Glassy Eyes.

    Love To You All! Very Dear Friend, And Her Family Of 2 Legged And 4 With Fur.

    This Was Such A Special Treat....I'm Going On Now......

  7. What a sweet post and entirely TRUE-I couldn't agree more. I say all the time "Oh my friend over in ___" and I often wonder if I sound like one of those people who dated someone and never met them, lol!!! At any rate, I think with our passion of horses, it is a special/quiet understanding of those IN IT. Thank goodness for the blogging community!!! :) How sweet to write about it and of course put it into perfect words, that make me think I thought it myself. Such a writer!!! xo

  8. I am honored to consider you my friend. I know that if we ever do meet, it will be like we have known each other for years. We are not just blogging friends, we are blogging sisters. And I love ya.


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