Sunday, March 17, 2013

I've come to talk with you again

Being Maizie's mom means weekends are full of activities that make me feel like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate finale. Instead of racing from Berkeley to Pasadena and back to Berkeley and then to Santa Barbara in an Alfa Romeo Spider we are racing from Mechanicsburg to Hershey to Mechanicsburg to Harrisburg in our little green Mini. Not quite as glamorous, perhaps, but every bit as rushed and exciting and frantic. I adore my Maizie and all her interests and I love my little car, but I need to regroup and sigh on the back of the bus by Sunday evening. Let's just say that Mondays are relaxing!

Mondays also mean five days of calm, uninterrupted riding. Whew! I can't wait till tomorrow!

The boys gather around the water bucket. Foggy asks, "Are we going riding?" 

Maizie receives a first place in her science fair.

Hope your weekend was calm and relaxing and full of horsey fun!


  1. Congrats to Maizie! Funny what we sometimes get out of the posts of others. When was young I lived in England for a while with my parents My good friends mother had a horse named "Spider" He was a grand and lovely horse. I remember her saying he was named after Dustin Hoffmans' car in a movie and I always thought that odd. I JUST remembered this as I read your post and got the meaning It had been many many moons since this had ever crossed my mind lol

  2. Hi Willow - Thanks for visiting - and what a great story! It is always funny when we finally "get" something that eluded us for years.

    How lucky were you to live in England, by the way?!!!!! That is my dream!

  3. Now what's really funny is that I saw that last picture of the science fair and what my eye saw was a tiny diorama of what looked like a court scene. I thought, "Wow, I wonder what maizie did for her science fair, it looks interesting--look at those little figures!" And then I realized with a snort that that was a real auditorium and those were real people!! Hah! I better stick to horseback riding. Hope your week is off to a good start!

  4. Hysterically funny baystatebrumby! You crack me up!


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