Monday, March 18, 2013

Two Equitrekking articles, two rides, and Brian turns 50!

Today was a great day! Another Equitrekking article, two great rides on Pie and Foggy, and my sweet husband, Brian turned 50 years old!

I had the opportunity to write another article for Equitrekking. This time the article is about the unique equestrian community I visit each year in Florida. Very fun! The first piece was about my bit to bitless bridle journey and you can read it here.

Today was a grey, chilly day. Brian's March 18th birthday can sometimes be all spring and sunshine, but this year it was not to be. Clouds were heavy for my Pie ride. He was charged up just like he always is when it is going to snow. I was bundled up tight in my new layers and felt warm and comfortable. We walked the perimeter and trotted around a good bit. He was great, but still jumpy in the post ride graze.

Next, I hopped on Foggy bareback. I knew our time was going to be short. We just made it over to the trail when the horizontal sleet started. It was like sharp pellets so we went back to the barn. A heavier snow followed, but it is raining now so the snow should be gone by morning.

Brian's birthday celebrations started this morning with a big training run in the mountains. He is going to run a 20 mile trail run later in the year so he spent three hours running different parts of the course today. He said he made the best of an ugly day and had great fun. We had a small party for him this evening and now are all groaning - I baked his favorite pecan pie and everyone ate too much!

Happy Birthday, Brian! 

Hope I look as good as you do when I'm 50!


  1. Congratulations on your articles, what a great accomplishment! Happy Birthday to Brian too.

  2. Hey--2 articles, awesome! Glad you got in some riding before the storm hit--yucky sleet.
    Happy Birthday to Brian!

  3. Congrats on your articles! That is so fantastic!
    Happy Birthday to Brian! Wow, he does not look 50!!

  4. Hey thanks guys!

    Paint Girl - I don't think he looks 50 either. I told him about your nice comment and he smiled and said thanks! (He didn't know I posted about his birthday!)

  5. seriously 50?! He looks sooo young! :) Testament to a great marriage. So are the ponies ;)

  6. Thanks Kristen - I'll tell him - he will love all these sweet comments! I am so lucky to have him and he lets me love up the ponies all day!!!!! You have the same in your Billy! We got lucky didn't we?!

  7. Happy belated to your (youthful) running man!

    Loving the articles and hoping spring flows northward posthaste - hail is not for riding in!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Brian!
    Glad you made it home out of the sleet okay. Those horizontal sleet storms can be a little dicey when mounted :)
    Just read your equitrekking article. What a great community. Maybe you'll come for a visit sometime and tell me more about it :) Kind of makes me wish I'd looked for a way to keep things more simple and have more time to ride...
    Long live equestrian pixie dust!!!


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