Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hilarious tenacity

When I collect Pie each day I wonder where the Burdock burrs will be - mane? tail? Yesterday Little Richard and his pompadour foretop were waiting for me. Fortunately, these tenacious natural barbs are not very sharp, but rather more like velcro. 

Everyone has the burrs in their tails, but only Pie manages a "do" on top like this! After a long, slow, gentle removal process we tacked up and headed out for a glorious fall ride. 

In other tenacious news, Maizie's high school tennis team, above, finished their season undefeated last evening. These girls are in a tough conference and still achieved a 16-0 record. The beauty of this story is how these girls get along so well. They quickly became good friends on and off the court. As parents, Brian and I could not have asked for a better high school tennis experience than this one for Maizie's first season. The sincere, hilarious laughter never stops with this crew.

Our Maizie, third from the left, completed the season undefeated at the #3 singles spot, winning sixteen straight matches. I know she is a tough little customer anyway, but I marvel at how she kept it together every match with wind and after-school stresses. She is kind and quiet and sweet, but don't be fooled - she has sheer determination that will not quit! 

Another tough and tenacious family member, the adorable Noodlebug, makes her way up the barstool last evening to beg at the bar. This is her first rung but she will monkey herself the whole way to the top most days.

And the tenacious backyard groundhog who has been enjoying Brian's chair all summer is still at it. The photo above is from July, the one below is yesterday. Brian restored this 1970's chair and table set a few years ago and has been annoyed with himself because he rarely finds time to use it. One day this past spring he spied the groundhog reclining and smiled and called me to see. "At least someone is enjoying all my hard work," Brian exclaimed with glee. (Smart groundhog picked the right family!) Everyday, the groundhog is out there on the chair, sometimes completely upside, stretched out asleep. Hilarious!


  1. Pie really achieved good volume on that up-do... it looks so - effortless. ;D And how cute is the chillaxing groundhog?!
    Congrats to Maizie and her team. You must be so proud. :D

    1. Great volume!!!! Pie is something else again :)

  2. Cute pompadour on Pie. You know it's not easy to get that look. He must have worked hard.

    Congrats to Maizie and her team. What a great achievement.

    Love the groundhog. Now he knows how to get the most relaxing time in that chair.

  3. This is so hilarious. First, the pompadour! That is the craziest most funny hairdo I have ever seen. And look at the dignity of the wearer! Did you pee your pants laughing when you saw that! I would have. So glad you snapped a photo. How could you not? Another hilarious sighting: THAT GROUNDHOG! Stories like this make me SO HAPPY. What an entertaining little rodent! I know they are naturally cute--but those antics! He sounds like someone from The Wind in the Willows!!!!!!!!!!!! Sleeping in a chair upside down? I shriek at the explosive cuteness factor. On another note, how proud you must be of Maizie! That is stellar! Good for her and her team of super friends. She will carry this experience with her forever! It is amazing what our children can do.

  4. Love the Little Richard style--that's a scream. And congratulations to Maizie and her team!
    That little rascal in Brian's chair looks awfully comfortable. He must have done a great restoration job. :)


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