Saturday, September 7, 2013

we would go on endlessly

Sweet Sovereign waiting patiently before our ride the other day. This month has been unbelievably gorgeous!!!! Cool temperatures, low humidity, no bugs, and perfect horsey rides. 

Yesterday Foggy took me all over the property and then through the neighborhood beside our farm. We must have stopped and talked to six people and everyone I met said, "Isn't this the best day ever?" It was. Foggy gobbled apples that had fallen off the tree while I ate some warmed by the sun right off the branches. I kept wondering if I was in heaven.

I took this one of Maizie after school and you can see just how blue our skies have been. 

If you click the photo of the boys in the pasture, above, you can see a short video of them trotting up all wiggly with high action to be collected. Foggy and Sovey are not the best movers, but they usually don't look this silly. So funny!


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