Saturday, December 7, 2013

peace on earth

Or at least peace at Honeysuckle Faire. The commingling of Instagram and Blogger was a fail so to keep the peace and the fun horsey posts on this blog readable, for now I will observe the separation of church and state, um, Blogger and Instagram.

Last night Brian, Maizie, and I started to decorate for Christmas in our house. We are usually in Florida for Christmas (we are planning to go a little later this year) so our Pennsylvania decorations haven't been pulled out for seven years! 

This one above is my favorite. I bought this horsey door jingle bell ringer at a tack shop during the time I didn't have horses. Like now, I was crazy, horse obsessed, but I just didn't have time to be a horse person because Maizie was little and needed a good mommy (as opposed to one who is only thinking about how to get to the barn to ride her horsey boys). This purchase was my promise to myself that I would have horses again one day and every jingle made me smile with the dream that I am actually living right now! (Insert happy shriek!) 

Our sweet Schpanken Danken kitty cat, who is now in peaceful kitty cat heaven, used to ring this ornament every time she wanted outside during the holidays. I kept it on the front door long after Christmas just for her. 

Happy December holiday bustling! I am living proof that the the sweet sugar plum horsey visions that dance in your head during this season really do come to be! Just look at my adorable Sovey Plum Fairy.


  1. Love your horsey jingle decoration. Have fun decorating! I'm smiling because our horse dreams really do come true if we never give up our dreams.

  2. Won't it be nice to be home for Christmas? Maybe it will be white too!
    Love the "happy shriek"--I second that.

  3. Ha - I have a two bell cantering horse door decoration - leather brown instead of jaunty red. Enjoy your hometown holiday time!


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