Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pie-Pie, you are something else!

Yesterday this snow bunny took me through the sunny, snow covered fields on the most fun ride ever!

As we crossed over the tennis court and down a hill, I leaned far forward to hug him up and he moved into the sweetest, light and airy trot. Pie is a good mover which means he looks good at the trot and canter, but he feels even better! My body was just transported across the snow without one jiggle or jolt!

He moved lightly the entire ride, lifting his feet out of the snow, effortlessly lilting into a trot every so often on his own. He was clearly having as much fun as me. What a perfect ride. I love this horse!


  1. pure magic!! Snow riding is so much fun! I always forget it when the darkness moves in but YAY snow riding!!!!!

  2. You describe the ride so beautifully I can almost feel it. I know from earlier posts that he's a lovely mover, so I bet the smow enhanced it even more. What a sweet boy he is. So glad you got this magical ride.
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!

    1. I thought of you Carol as he transported me effortlessly across the snow. You've said before that he would make a great dressage horse - I believe you! His whole way about him is so light and graceful yet he is huge!

      Happy holidays to you too and everyone, horse and human, at Five Fires!


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