Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the first one said to the second one there

Pie and Sovereign were having fun today in the pastures with cooler temperatures and drizzle to keep the gnats away! I am still soaking Pie's abscess and it looks good. He isn't sound enough for riding yet, but it is too rainy to ride today anyway. It is a great day for baking people cookies and horsey treats!


  1. I've GOT to learn how to make some treats! I just got some recipes for homemade bug spray, but I have yet to try the cookies!
    I hope that abscess is on its way OUT! Poor Pie! Nobody likes feeling poorly. I hope Pie will be back to twinkly toes very soon.

  2. Hi! Your blog rocks! I myself recently went to the Phillidelphia Park race track and adopted three geldings.......... I am lovin' it! Retraining TBs has always been a dream of mine. I'll definately visit again! Great blog!

  3. Thanks Hosanna! I am going over to check out your blog!


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