Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tack Room

Today Maizie and I both rode Sovereign, but first we picked lilacs from Jetty's lilac bush and decorated the tack room with them. We put the lilacs in the Brer Rabbit Molasses jar that had contained the molasses we used in the Thoroughbred Molasses Yummies. It has the cutest label! Maizie sat on the fence and made silly faces in the background while I photographed the jar (below).
Below is another view of the tack room with Eby's treat dispenser (empty, of course, because Eby is a treat hound!).

Here is a photo of the wall with our bridles and the tack box my grandfather made, and above the tack box, the mirror. The mirror in our tack room was purchased in 1952! It was a promotional item for an advertising company, The Vernon Company. It had a photo of Thoroughbreds on it but they deteriorated in all those years. I took the mirror apart and replaced the photo with horse wrapping paper. The wrapping paper is retro too - it is from 1976 - I think it turned out cute.


  1. That is your tack room? It looks nicer than my apartment! ;) It's adorable, you are so creative. I think all spaces should be cozy and reflect their people, even if it's horse people, who may be covered in horsehair and dirt half the time, LOL!

  2. Pony Girl - you are sooo funny! I painted our tack room last spring and made curtains because I wanted it to be inviting to all our friends who don't ride. That way, they can start by having tea in the tack room and then I will slowly get them involved and eventually I will have riding buddies!

  3. I wish my house was as tidy as your tack room. Very nice. You have a lovely blog, your horses are beautiful, and your artwork is fun and very creative! I'll enjoy following along.

  4. Hi Once Upon an Equine!
    I love your blog!
    Thanks for the kind words about the tack room, blog, horses and artwork!
    I love your story about your sweeties getting out. I am glad they were found safely!


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